For cat owners, Is there a certain litter you like - dislike.

    I now use 100% dust free clump and seal made by arm & hammer. Best i have ever used. Cat litter is not the same anymore

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    When we had cats they peed outside and slept their toilet was the garden..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    Is it the Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal, that you use?  I watched a video with a woman pouring the litter into the box and I didn't see a bit of dust in the air.   When I had cats, I would turn away, close my eyes and hold my breath until I was finished pouring it into the box.


    I was not brand loyal when I had cats, but if I/we had a cat now, I would certainly give this one a try.



    I use a surgical mask for that problem of dusty litter when cleaning the litter box.

    ....whatever is cheapest

    Arm and Hammer is one of the better ones, for sure. Costco sells different brands, which is where I buy the stuff. If there was one that didn't stick to Peanut's feet, where it gets left on her path like the bread crumbs from Hansel and Gretel, THAT would be my favorite.

    Arm and Hammer Clump and Seal for sure. Buy it by the big box (40lbs)-for three cats. However, the last box I bought, about two and a half months ago, is still sitting by the front door where I had mannag to carry it that far, unopened and collecting dust. Don’t get me wrong, we still have two full cat boxes for overnight emergencies but Randy, YinYang, and Mickey prefer going outside. We have a huge yard and so do my neighbors....

    I don't like the real dusty kind. But I don't buy the expensive name brand non-dust, like Arm and Hammer, b/c I have to watch every penny.

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