I just got yet another BS call that my computer is showing faulty intrusions......

    You know they’re scams and I know this as well. I like to have fun with these smart guys but I always think up what I should have said AFTER I hang up. Perhaps you guys could prepare me with some good lines to drive them crazy. Lines like: you are not calling about my free colonoscopy? Help me here. I hate just telling them what theyre full of. I want to have some fun....

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    "Really? I don't even have a computer so where did you get that information?"

    (They're gone immediately.)

    "They" always say my computer is about to crash. "oh then it has been found? Thanks! Who stole it?''

    Get a hang up


    "Let me put you on speaker phone, so the other detectives can take notes, too."

    "Wow, I was just getting ready to call YOU! Did you know dental insurance can be yours for only $1.47 per day? Let me tell you all about it."

    "This phone number is wiretapped by the FBI. Do you really want to talk to me, under the circumstances?"

    "Mommy/Daddy? Mr. Thomas from next door wants to play pirates with me again. (sob, cry in pain, moan) He wants to know where we keep the video camera."   (You have to use a childlike voice)


    Wonderful and just what I was looking for!

    I knew it was a scam from the "get-go". First, I strung him along for as long as I could,  Told me I had a virus. I told him  I got my shot. Idiot started with "F Bombs".  Then,  I also said a lot of things that can't be printed here. I haven't had a call in ages.

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