Here in NYC, we're in the midst of a terrible heat wave, with high humidity. Supposed to be 98 degrees with a "real feel" of 105-110.. ....

    Just how hot, is too hot for you?

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    Lovely weather here in Bonny Scotland at the moment, we can always do with a lot more of it.


    Honey, it was 101 here yesterday. Real feel was up there. No break coming to us until July 4 when we’re expecting rain, a cool front of sorts dropping the temp into the lower 90’s. We’ll be hitting 110’s soon enough. Can’t keep anything alive except for the cotton.....


    We had several days above 110 so far. Was 112 and 6 percent humidity few days ago. Not much cotton growing anywhere except irrigated. But irrigated not doing much. No mosquitoes though.

    We can’t top 110 yet but today it was 104. We’ll catch up. I water my cotton, Z. It’s the elephant ears that are suffering. The tomatoes are hanging on and all ripening at once! Tomorrow I peel and freeze....

    Update, 105 today.... I feel that real feel (heat index) is for the birds. Any more then 99 and it all feels the same....

    It's a pleasant 76 degrees here today and not a cloud in sight.  People are grilling food outdoors and that's a rare sight to see around here.


    I don't think I could tolerate temperatures above 80-85 degrees.


    Don't you have lots of those temps in Texas? Or is this due to living in Scotland for 5 years?
    country bumpkin

    The area of Texas where I lived had temps in the low to middle 90's usually beginning in April and close to 100 or higher beginning in May and lasting through August.

    I don't like stifling hot weather so 85 degrees seems about my limit.

    Even 85* is too stifling for me, especially if it's humid. 66* and sunny sounds great to me. May I come for supper?

    @ Ducky. Maybe it's too much down that makes it so stifling?
    country bumpkin

    @ Ducky Bring a tent so we can all go camping. :))

    Believe it or not, same here. Yesterday with the humidity we had a "real feel" of 104*F. It is to continue for the next week. I hope that forecast is wrong. 

    I like the temperature at about 70* with sunshine. Everything above that is too hot for me.

    See the source image


    Where in Canada are you? My friend who is 88 years old, drove with his wife from Long Island to Prince Edward Island.the other day. His timing, as far as leaving L.I. was great.

    Come on guys the temp is only warm, you want REAL heat come Down UNDER, in summer of course, when it is 40c  - 45c, at the moment it around -1 t0 3 c, colder than usual.


    I couldn't stand that kind of heat. I think I would just sit inside by the A/C until "winter". :)

    45C is 113F.

    I can’t speak centigrade. Dumb American.....

    It is uncomfortable for me to sit at the ballpark in temperatures 100+, unless I am in the shade. The real enemy is humidity. 


    Johnny Carson used to say when someone says it's not the heat it's the humidity, he says, " My oven is hot !"

    ....opinion: over 90 is too hot

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