When cell phones came out years ago, did you dismiss it as a fad, and didn't think you'd ever have one? one?

    What about a home computer?

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    I never dismiss new technology, but I never had the need for a cell phone until I started my job more than a year ago now, as for the computer, I had lessons when I went back to college in 1991, then again in 2006, things had changed, but I never actually owned one until 2011 and it changed and improved my life for the better, I think .....................

    I  never thought they would become as useful or as advanced as they have. I do find it annoying though when I'm holding a conversation with someone, and their phone rings or makes some other noise, and they ignore me and answer it. I find that very rude, even if I am boring them. 

    Can you believe that this old lady (of course) does not yet have a cell phone? I've had a computer for several years and in the early 90s, I had a car phone. That was a real novelty and kids used to go crazy when they saw me talking on it. No rules then about distracted driving. 

    My dad had a phone in his car in 1968, probably the precursor to the cell phone.

    When i moved from my long time home, the cell phone made sense. The computer has been a fixture for decades.

    I didn't dismiss it, but I was not ready to embrace it

    .... I thought they were too expensive, at first, so I didn't get one

    Oh, I knew phones were the up and coming but I never dreamed they would be affordable for eveyone. I mean, who doesn’t have a phone? I only know one person who’s phone doesn’t go online. Computers are a must have. Not having one doesn’t make you a person who can do without. It makes you a person so behind of the times you’ve become obsolete....


    Who doesn't have a phone? Me! I do know a few people who also do not have a computer. One of them knows so much about every topic, she would put the two of us to complete shame! Obsolete? Not at all. I only wish that I were as intelligent! Having any kind of "gadget" doesn't make a person smart. In fact, I've seen people walk into things while being "smart" on a gadget.

    As soon as i seen a flip phone on Star Wars,i new it was not far away..a lot of originally fictitious things go on to become reality,for the older people on our site,did we not know that Flash Gordons ray gun would become a reality..and to an even greater problem,technology is simply rushing us to an ending that is yet to  be seen>>>>>>><<<<<<..    Image result for flash gordon ray gun photoImage result for beam me up scotty


    Remember when we used to see people on tv or in the movies who would step up to a door and it would magically slide open? Now we take that for granted.

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