Are you smarter than your boss? If so, how does that affect the work?

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    Smarter than my boss?  I had the worst manager/boss, when  I was cashier and door greeter at Sam's Club.

    I was hired to be a cashier, but I positioned at the door as a greeter because of my smile and personality and  I was placed in Softlines section frequently because I kept all the clothes so neat and tidy.


    This particular manager would constantly call me away from the other departments, not long after being assigned to the area for the day because she wanted me on the register.  The other floor managers knew I was a terrible cashier and the club members were better off not encountering me at a register. LOL


    I had a very nice woman come through my line with two Downy pillows.  I had feather pillows at home so I knew they had a tendency to give off a bit of an unpleasant scent when they are first purchased, but her two pillows were **STINKIN'**.  The pillows reeked so much that anyone would have believed the carcasses of the birds had been stuffed inside the two pillows.


    The card club member asked if she could trade the pillows in for two more pillows that weren't so smelly, and I told her this would not be a problem. I turned on my register light to grab the attention of a manager to help the lady return the pillows to the shelf so she could pick out two more pillows that were not so odorous or refund/exchange the money so the lady could purchase another brand.


    The manager sniffed the pillows, then stuck them back inside the basket while informing the customer that all Downy pillows give-off a foul (haha-fowl) odour and then she turned and walked away; leaving the two of us standing at the register in disbelief.


    Later in the week, I called the Corporate Office to make a complaint. I was concerned about revealing the name of the manager for fear of repercussions if she found out that I filed a complaint.   The person on the other end of the phone asked me if Manager Rashanda is whom my complaint is for and I said, yes.


    As it turns out, several people had already filed complaints. Manager Rashanda was paid a visit by the Corporate Office and not long after she was gone.


    I don't believe she was lacking in the smarts-department, however, she was oblivious to the sort of environment she chose as her career as well as inadequate social skills.

    Could I have done her job? I'm not really management material. I can not say, I'm smarter than her, but, I certainly was liked better. :)) 


    Wonder where Rashanda is now? Working on a bird farm?
    country bumpkin

    LOL......Maybe she's stuffed inside a pillow somewhere.

    Midland ?

    I  used to be the boss, but I wasn't bossy, too easy going if anything. Now I'm semie  retired, I'm definitely brighter than my boss now. In fact any animal you could name would be brighter.

    .... I always hired people smarter, to grow and learn want workers you have to rein back, not kick on



    Absolutely, got passed over a promotion for someone with no experience. I had 10 years at the time. So i let him and the process fail on purpose just to show how sorry he was. Told them you chose to hire him over me so this is the result. It cost them over 25,000 dollars in damage to machines he made without knowing what he was doing and running things his way. They never asked for my help during this time. Remember people like this are promoted to get them out of one place into another. 

    I’m my own boss but sometime I’m too smart for my own good....

    The people who hired me had more knowledge of the overall business in which I was hired. Most of them did not bother with details, leaving me with opportunities to simplify "the process" and increase efficiency. This gave me the time to take on additional responsibilities. (I liked being busy and productive)

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