Ok, I’m growing sugar cane and it’s flowering.....

    This is not good as the flowers zap the sugar production. I’ve looked up but cannot find out if I can simply cut the flowers off? What can you find/or do you know?

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     No clue....we don't grow sugar cane up here.

    You can spray Ethrel on it JH,but it will only delay flowering for about 4 weeks..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    Should I even bother? Would it make a difference? The cane itself isn’t very thick. I’m just having fun but want it to be the best I can do. Want to come cut it for me, ter? I only have 25-30 stalks.......
    terryfossil 1

    I would like to JH,But i reckon you might be better off getting a harvester in for that many stalks..:):):):).>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<.. 

    Try this link Julie if it wil open,it may help.


    Wow, it opened and has more information then I thought I needed. Had to really concentrate to get it. Most helpful. Even for my little 8 foot row. It’s fun and I may actually get some sugar from it. It has faired better then my sugar beets...... Thanks for providing so much information.

    What I learned is the flowers may be male or female, and to just let them grow. My chives, where I put the root end in dirt, have provided me with plenty of new stems. Some got big and tuberous, produced a round flower ball. Now I have a bunch of seeds. So cool. Good luck with the sugar cane. 

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