Ok, I’m growing sugar cane and it’s flowering.....

    This is not good as the flowers zap the sugar production. I’ve looked up but cannot find out if I can simply cut the flowers off? What can you find/or do you know?

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    Try this link Julie if it wil open,it may help.


    Wow, it opened and has more information then I thought I needed. Had to really concentrate to get it. Most helpful. Even for my little 8 foot row. It’s fun and I may actually get some sugar from it. It has faired better then my sugar beets...... Thanks for providing so much information.

     No clue....we don't grow sugar cane up here.

    You can spray Ethrel on it JH,but it will only delay flowering for about 4 weeks..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    Should I even bother? Would it make a difference? The cane itself isn’t very thick. I’m just having fun but want it to be the best I can do. Want to come cut it for me, ter? I only have 25-30 stalks.......
    terryfossil 1

    I would like to JH,But i reckon you might be better off getting a harvester in for that many stalks..:):):):).>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    What I learned is the flowers may be male or female, and to just let them grow. My chives, where I put the root end in dirt, have provided me with plenty of new stems. Some got big and tuberous, produced a round flower ball. Now I have a bunch of seeds. So cool. Good luck with the sugar cane. 

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