Has anyone ever had an encounter with a dangerous animal? If yes, can you elaborate?

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    This HAGGIS actually tried to smile before I ate him, does that make ME dangerous?

    country bumpkin

    @ Clonge I'm still waiting!

    is that a sheeps head, or what ?
    country bumpkin

    Re-read what ROMOS wrote mcm. He mentioned it's Haggis.

    A really vicious sheep.

    Ferocious raccoon. Came stalking across the yard in the dark, following it’s nose to the big bowl of cat food inside my home. Terrified I explored my options: scream, yell, grab a broom? When all of the sudden I see a flash on my left, streaking and clawing alol the way to the intruder. The masked one ran with half pint kitten on it’s back all the way to the undreside of the shed to be with those I assume were it’s buddies: mr. possum, mr. skunk, and the sexless snakes waiting for news. The attacking feline jumped off before entering.....

    The scariest one was at a walking bridge at Big Sur, where we saw the mountain lion already on the bridge

    About 2 months ago,walking down the fenceline looking at my fruit trees,,did not see him then,but on the way back about 2 feet away was a 3 foot Eastern Brown Snake,so him and my shovel had a conversion..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    terryfossil 1

    Your onto me Clonge..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Around here teenagers on motor scooters are the most dangerous animal you would encounter at the moment. They drive onto the payment, and if you are lucky just grab your phone or bag, if you are unlucky, they will stick a knife in you , or spray you with acid. 


    Ooooo, I’ll stick with my raccoon..... be careful!

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