Has eanyone driven across the U.S., from coast to coast or border to border? If so, how long did it take? "Highs" and "lows"?

    (anyone) Would you like to?

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    ah yes I remember Rawhide

    Rollin rollin rollin , though the streams are swollen, keep the dogies rollin Rawhide. Move em on head em up head em on move em up , yaaaaa.

    Always dreamt of doing that when I was a kid.

    And joining a Waggon Train crossing the plains, yaaaaa

    We used to go off across the fields, and act it all out for hours, 1950s you could do it then, I'm sure there were pervs around in those days, but if we had come across any we would have shot them ,or fired an arrow at them.  Those were the days.

    Yes we crossed America many times.


    Remember it well, good times indeed!

    California north to Washington, east to NY, south to Arkansas, then back to California.  Many wonderful sites, 5 days in NYC, Toronto, Quebec, too. 11,000 miles in 10 weeks., not yet

    I have flown across the country if that counts    :-\


    Not really, but a good try..Might this be a reason for not driving, i.e., poor driving skills in the "cat family"?

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