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    First of all, the article starts out by saying "supreme court ruled narrowly". Huh? A vote of 7-2 is "narrowly".

    Secondly, why should it be so odd that a business owner can say "no" to whatever or whomever he decides. HE owns the business, HE puts his money into the business, HE works long hours, HE hires people and HE takes all the risks.

    Thirdly, we hear nothing these days about any and all religions except that we must always be tolerant, accepting and never, ever discriminate against any religion, always let them believe what they believe and without question or else, God forbid, we are bigots! Christians seem to be required on a regular basis to adjust to what others believe. It's time that people simply accept what this man's Christian beliefs are and walk down the street to another baker! No more "adjusting". Let the two gay guys adjust! I'm glad the baker took a stand.

    terryfossil 1

    Well put Duck,,and yeah,that narrow bit got me too..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Ducky,The narrow ruling refers not to the vote count but to the slim precedent this decision sets on future rulings by not having ruled on the circumstances under which people can seek exemptions from anti-discrimination laws based on their religious views in addition to not addressing claims made in the case as to whether baking a cake is a act protected by the Constitution's free speech guarantee.

    Oh come on now digger. You know that all of that is just too much for this brain. Let's break it down. I can now bake a cake for my two gay friends as long as I don't put two male statues on the top of it OR I can't bake a cake for my gay friends ever, unless I check with all the other religions in my neighborhood OR I can go to my gay friends' wedding but not EAT the cake? I'm so confused.

    Hi Digger......welcome back

    His business, his religion.
    Try another baker guys, and stop screaming "discrimination", IMHO.

    terryfossil 1

    Glad you where being honest KOTF..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    Ok, I heard a different story: it was the design on the cake that the baker refused to do. I mean, there shouldn’t have been any reason to assume the couple was gay. The gay guys just wanted to jump on the discrimination band wagon. I don‘t have a problem with anyone being gay, I just don’t care for it being shoved down my throat..... 

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    Way to go JH..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    What was the design on the cake that he refused to to ?

    If you run a business you should be able to choose for yourself who you sell to or serve in your shop. I also believe that people are entitled to their own opinions , on any subject. As a Christian I don't mind gay marriage ,as long as it's not conducted in church. however if I were a baker or cake maker ,I wouldn't refuse to make a cake for them.

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    I would not bake a special cake with their special words on it Dave,but if they wanted to buy from the already made display,go for it..i recognise their right to same sex marriage according to the law,but i do not have to agree with it,nor do i have to support..>>>>>>>><<<<<<..

    We are on the same wave band again Terry.
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    We are only oceans apart in location Dave,not morals and principals..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I'll have to think about that one! The baker didn't get it right when it came to my wedding. The cake was delicious, but after it was baked, the bride and the groom on top started arguing!


    11 years ago...and both couples are still arguing!
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    But both couples are still together Clonge??????.>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    We're not together (still arguing over legal matters) , but we lost touch with the "cake couple".
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    Sorry to hear Clonge..Maybe you could go back to the cake couple for advice..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    No, the seven got it wrong. Sixty years ago, they would have ruled against an inter-racial marriage cake. Not anymore. The court has "evolved" on issues of race. One day, it will do so on issues of same sex marriage. Don't forget that back then, people of deep faith believed in the merits of racial segregation. So did the courts...on grounds of "freedom of religious beliefs".  

    The argument that a business owner has the "right" to serve or deny service to whomever he sees fit is fallacious. Is it OK for the baker to refuse baking our very own Ducky a birthday cake merely because she is a "spoiled" Canadian,  as President Trump declared the other day ? 

    I say NOT !  Let her eat cake...and be it a maple lace one at that...baked at gunpoint if need be, by that Colorado  baker. 



    ....opinion: Our perfect Creator and Judge of all will get it right at judgement
    digger, until that day of judgement in heaven or hell, by your perfect Creator, we mortals here on planet earth should simply just grin and bear it ?
    I hope that on this planet, you'll never be wrongly judged by the courts.

    I could have sworn that I had a few extra words in my original post. Must be the Russians.
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    How could the seven get it wrong Digger,a democratic vote and majority win..the rights of a democratic system working well..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    So dear digger, if this baker refused to bake 'spoiled me' a cake, then I could simply prove how spoiled I really am, by having a hissy fit OR, maybe I could walk down the street and have it baked by another business, telling everyone in town exactly what happened. I'm much more mature than these two guys are....apparently.

    Yes, except for those two dissenting Socialists (aka anti-Americans), the court got it right. I'm surprised some bunch hasn't gone after Hobby Lobby in court for being closed on Sunday.

    Ducky, you presented the "case" eloquently.

    ROMOS, well put and directly to the point.

    JHHarlan, I don't like being force fed, either.

    terryfossil 1

    TU Bob..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    ....opinion: yes

    Yes court got it right. He has every right to refuse to bake that cake. Just like the two gay boys have every right to be just as happy or miserable as the rest of us. He probably has a booming business now. 

    terryfossil 1

    I am with you Zorro..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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