Has anyone ever played a prank on you? If so, what was it, and did you think that it was funny?

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    Yes many times, bast#×÷@ds


    Did somebody plant a fake bird, and you went after it?

    Yes. When I was in Junior High, I had a book bag, and classmate had the identical bag. A jokester  in my switched bags on us. Only after I dumped its contents, did I realize what he had done. NOT FUNNY!


    Was it PORN?

    No, it wasn't porn. I did not take any classed in PORN!

    Bummer eh?

    Yes, Having had identical bags was a bummer!! days:

    ....Saran wrap on toilet seats

    ....Vaseline smeared on door knobs, phones

    ....tilted trash cans half full of water against friends' doors

    ....hiding old alarm clocks, set to ring a few minutes apart, in the library behind books on the shelves and watching the librarians 

    ....scurry to the noise and everyone laughing

    funny, if it didn't happen to me


    Fraternity pranks?

    .... I was an independent then and now

    Just the occasional kick me signs. Good friends looked out for me………

    Coming back back to our dorm after lunch one day, Jim said he'd received a box of homemade cookies that day. He and his roommate,  Doug, would bring them over. Chris and I couldn't have been happier, she having a crush on Doug and I on Jim.

    Just as they entered our room and closed the door, I remembered I'd gone with Jim to check for mail and he'd gotten no packages! As I yelled, "Noooooooo!", he opened a shoebox full of chads, the tiny punch out part of a ballot. (In 1972, all the D.P. cards had punched out parts) Where he got them, I never knew, but he threw them all over the room, into the shag carpet to remain forever.

    Our retaliation was to swipe Jim's car keys (he rarely used the old blue Impala) and stuff crumpled sheets of newspaper into the whole interior, so tightly packed he couldn't get in. Then, we toilet papered the outside with pink t.p. Unfortunately, our frequent rain caused the wet t.p. to bleed the pink into the blue paint. His pink and blue striped car was not funny at all. 

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