Have you ever marched in a parade? If so, what kind was it, where and when?

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    I haven't had that opportunity but it always looks like fun to me.....except if the temperature is too high. Then it looks like a tough job to get to the end.


    The marching and music playing weren't problems. The wool uniform and 20 pound hat were so hot.

    I can't handle wool either. Itch...itch...itch....then rash. :((

    Sooo uncomfortable, itchy, hot, poor fit.

    I marched in  my hometown Rodeo Parade along with my Girl Scout Troop in the early 1980's. 

    ....only marching was in the Marine Corps 

    Strangely never..not my thing..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Marching band, in 7-8 grade, and high school. My high school sponsored a festival for HS bands every fall. Following the morning parade, there was a halftime show competition. Bands from up and down the Valley attended. It was spectacular.

    Marching band in the 7---9th grade. We had to do a marching step where you put your toes down first,then the rest of your foot. The next day, my foot hurt so bad on the underside where the toes join the foot, that I couldn't go to my brother's graduation.

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