My son reached out to me!

    15 years of nothing, no hints, no answers, no knowledge, no idea...... and he called. Typed me his first message asking if I ever had a son named and he typed his original name. I answered that I still do. We’ve been talking for a month now and it’s all good. He’s very grown young man. In fact, I’ve been planning a party in August, the 25th (all of you are invited-you’ll have to fork over your mailing addresses), complete with a piñata filled with booze, lottery tickets, gift cards, and candy. Plus what ever else I come up with. Each guest gets a ticket upon arriVal and there will be doo prizes! Anyhow, back to what’s important, I invited my son and his fiancé to come. Even bought the plane tickets. (He’s in Chicago). That’s three mos to get reacquainted. He was ten when CPS stole him from me.  

    Well, that’s my big news. Been waiting and waiting for the day I could share this npews with y’all.

    email me your addresses if you want to come!

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    Very happy for you Jh! You must be sooooo excited. The two of you will have lots to discuss and I hope that everything goes well.

    Very happy for you, can't afford to come though.

    Please take lots of pictures at the party so you can share them with us here on akaQA if you wish.


    May I suggest you purchase a few disposable cameras and ask guests to take pictures when they see a good photo opportunity

    ....Yippy Yippy 

    Hope things pan out for you all round JH,i do not know much about adopting,but i know about foster homes..All the Best>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    GREAT news, Julie! So happy for you!


    This is such wonderful, wonderful news, Julie!  I know how devastating losing him was for you, and to know he didn't forget has got to have your heart singing.

    Does your dear sibling know? I just gotta say to her  "neener, neener"!


    Oh, he called her and she called my brother to tell him! Not me.... I had asked him not to, felt it was my news to share but it’s his prerogative. He said that had she adopted him he would be raised by blood. One of his foster home was was not good. I don’t know the details. He was adopted by a gay guy who had to send him back and finally a gay guy in LA. Joe is in Chicago..,

    What an experience he didn't need, foster homes and multiple adoptions. Can't wait for you to see him.

    As I was told, double his height at age two. The total is how tall the child will be. Turns out he should be 6’2”. He is!!!

    WOW! How soon do you get to see him??

    August 24. I’m flying him and his girlfriend here for the party!

    Excellent. Truly, truly happy for you, JHH. This is an answered prayer. How did he locate you? Did his first name get changed?

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