What would you say to this ...........?

    My wife and her twin sister have different fathers, both of whom have long since died. It was after a hunch of mine and a little research on Wikipedia last year that convinced me of this. What I find most remarkable is that both sisters knew nothing of this, until 75 years later. My question to you is, what do you consider to be the Pros and Cons, if any, of going Public?

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    ....opinion : it is up to the twins

    Sounds newsworthy to me. 

    Pros: Lots of publicity.

    Cons: Lots of publicity.

    Before you make a move, first do a DNA test. You can for $59. It is possible to be a twin with different dads each. But do the test, just to be sure. I did the test and found out I’m not as Sco irish as  thought and am 2.2% Nigerian! And N African, i forget the %. It’s fun! That’s the pro. Con? A lot of nosey people wanting to know how that happened. And gawkers.......

    What would be the goal/reason for going public? Consider the consequences before doing that, to calculate if it's really worth the risk. I assume the sisters would be doing this....not you?


    No Ducky, not me, and übrigens, it may surprise you to learn that an estimated 1% of twins born in the U.S.A. have different fathers. Well, I never!

    I heard that not too long ago. Well, I never.....too! lol

    Your wife and her twin sister have different fathers. My initial thought is how is their mother's "apparent" promiscuity something appropriate to publicize. It is not something I would advocate announcing. 


    Here’s another thought for you to digest, what if their mother was raped?

    OK, that's an unpleasant additional thought.
    It doesn't change my feeling that there is nothing to be gained with that announcement.

    Never air your family laundry to the public,,the outcome (COULD).end up in the courts,or break up friendships,peoples thoughts and emotions have no bounds..just a thought Westy..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    It won’t come to that Terry.

    My biological mother gave birth to me , not married at the time. Gave me up for adoption. She married later had two children . They dont know i exist. She died a year ago. I dont think i will ever contact them. I pretty much know it would be a big shock to their family !!


    I don't think I would contact them, either.

    Why make it public after all this time. It's up to them really, but I can't see the need, after all this time. 



    Just did the twins find out that they had different fathers? It would most likely be a mess if this became public.


    It won't come to that.

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