Did anyone ever tell you to get off the phone?

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    There were four teenagers living in the same house at one time.  I think each person was allowed 10 minutes to talk on the phone. parents : in high school, when it was time to eat

    Every time I got on our only  phone which was  in the dining room, my dad would come by and say " Not too long.Somebody might be trying to call "   Then, when he would get on the phone.....he would talk for hours. What happened to his rule ?  

     when I asked him if we could have the phone in another room, he said no b/c if you want privacy, then you're saying something you're not supposed to be talking about.

      When I asked him if we could have a green phone, instead of a black one, he said no ...because they cost more.


    I like your dad. Besides, green colored phones are ugly.

    digger, glad you said something positive about my dad. and welcome back. Haven't seen you in awhile

    Yes, my parents (and my friends' parents) said that everyday during our teen years.      :)

    Nope. Babysat and cou pay for my own phone. Never talked to anyone but it was mine!


    Uh oh. Generation gap on this answer. No such thing when I was growing up. One phone per line shared and were glad it was not a "party line" (shared by the neighborhood) which was ALWAYS busy. Kids rarely got to use the phone at all then.
    country bumpkin

    I remember having a party line when I was in the first or second grade. I was being nosy by trying to listen to the conversation and I got yelled at to HANG UP THE PHONE. LOL

    I remember my Dad picking up the phone and saying, "Could I use the phone soon please"?

    Strange question deserves a strange answer,i reckon i musta been around 16 or 17 years old before i used a phone,,even i reckon that is strange,,but i honestly do not remember much about phones up to around late teens..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Well, duh, I had parents!

    We didn't have phones when I was a child. I was the last one left at home at 18, and I paid to have the phone connected, and I paid the bills, that was 1965.

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