Do you think is it OK/right for a teacher to ask all his/her students not to play with a phone? What ... about asking parents to forbid their children to play with a phone (even at home)? (from a non-native speaker of English)

    Do you think is it OK/right for a teacher to ask all his/her students not to play with a phone? What

    ... about asking parents to forbid their children to play with a phone (even at home)?
    (from a non-native speaker of English)

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    You are at school to LEARN, don't take the phone to school, the parents should control what happens out of school hours.

    ....talking is not listening and not listening is not learning at school 

    ....home is the parents' domain/responsibility 


    Multi tasking? :)

    Not only is it okay, it is right. Students are in school for a purpose. That purpose is to learn. Socializing (talking) is to be done AFTER school or on breaks. As far as parents telling their children what rules are to be followed at home, that is also right and part of the difficult job of guiding children as they mature.

    When it's time to enter the work force, young people quickly realize that "rules" are part of life, maturity and being successful, whether you agree with all of them or not. Remember, you will always be accountable to someone!


    Correction: The parents decide what happens at home, NOT the teacher. I misread the second part of the question.

    Mobile phones should be banned in the classroom, and also in the workplace. What happens at home is up to the parents. 


    I don't think cell phones should be allowed to be brought to school. If a student is caught using a cell phone during school, the phone should be confiscated and not returned to the student till the final day of the school year.


    If parents are guardians are needing to contact their children during school hours then they can do it the old-fashioned way by calling the office and leaving a message.   If the student is needing to get in contact with his parents or guardians then the student may also go to the office and ask to use the phone to call home.

    This is not to be taken advantage of either.  Emergency purposes only.


    What a student does with his/her phone outside of school campus/hours and at home is none of the teachers business (IMO) unless the phone is being used to bully another classmate or set up some type of menacing event during school hours or a like event.


    I guess I misunderstood the second part of the question. I thought TBER was asking if parents should restrict phone use by their kids at home, not that the teacher was telling the parents what to do. I agree with your answer.
    country bumpkin

    Ha, I actually did a second take when I read your answer because I thought I had misunderstood.

    I remember when calculators were not to be used in school. Now they are in a whole new way. A cell phone can be used for researching an answer or discovering a different view, to teach that there are other answers, reasons. I can’t say phones shouldn’t be used in school. It depends on the class and how serious the kid is about learning. A teacher can control those who want to talk on the phone; texting will be a challenge though. It’ll be just like the old days only with a new set of rules. At home use? No different then the days of old. Certain times and places. Come to dinner w/o the phone to learn communication. Now that’s a skill giing by the wayside......


    That is sad that conversation is a lost art. Family members or husbands and wives are playing on their phone in a restaurant while waiting for their food to be served.

    Cell phones should be checked at the classroom door.

    Asking the parents to support the phone ban is not an issue for me, though the decision is for the parents to make.

    As far as i"m concerned mobile/ cell phones should be banned altogether, every one survived before pre- mobile phones.


    Old man! lol
    Friend of mine (70s) thinks that computers are also not necessary.

    I've got a smart phone now, but the thing ain't smarter than me, you can't turn me OFF!

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