Have you ever had a car repair "nightmare"?

    Stay away from this shop!

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    My car is a nightmare! The computer does not do computing! My mechanic hates my car! But he fixes the simple things like brake lines,, Mufflers.  But I love my car so I limp along!


    I’ve been taking my ‘93 Ford Taurus to a recommended auto repair shot off and on since I got it. Well, I took it in for front end work and got it back, no hassle. Drove it all over, up to 55mph and on the long curvy street home. Finally ended up at our convenience store, made our purchases and tried to leave. The car wouldn’t budge. James was with me and craw under to have a look. The rocker arm that turns the wheels had not been bolted back into place; was kind of floating. After all that driving! The automo shop repaired this mistake for free. I should have sued.......

    Yes....The bill was the worst nightmare.

    Not a nightmare experience but one of those shady type situations. Light comes on and says "Check Brake System". I take it to the dealer. "Brakes in need of repair...$1,600.00". WHAT? I say, not today thanks and take it to a different repair shop about 3 miles away. "Brakes are perfect". I have both quotes in writing. I don't know what happened during that 3 mile drive but, somehow, the brakes fixed themselves. Guess who has my business now?


    Funny you should say that Ducky. I have a Audi A4 fourteen years old, I purchased it at three years old, and for the first ten years had it serviced at the Audi dealers. Six years ago it had new brake linings and discs fitted at a cost of £450. For the past four years I have used a little garage local to where I work. Recently the warning light for the brake pads came on, so I took it to my local little garage to get them to check, they found that the pads were only half worn, and the sensor wire was connected half way down the pads, resulting in the warning light coming on early. The garage could have fitted new brakes or not and just charged me, I wouldn't have known. But like you, I know I have justification for using the smaller tradesman.

    Yep, always good to get a second opinion I guess. Before this incident, I had trusted the dealer. :(

    ....fortunately, no

    A close friend has enough auto nightmares for both of us, and 3 more people besides. 

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