It's 10:10. "SEW what!" Do you have a unique or rather unique clock?

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    I have a 12hr 3 cone Cuckoo clock with 3 moving parts,water wheel,old man with walking stick.and 6 dancing couples,and a cuckoo bird,,The photo is very similar to mine..Image result for 12 hour cuckoo clock photos

    country bumpkin

    I like your clock..

    I would like to have this clock because I've always wanted to live on a farm.

    terryfossil 1

    Mine is due for a service CB,,$240,it might have to wait awhile..>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..
    terryfossil 1

    If you are getting a Black Forrest cuckoo might want to look at getting a 8 day clock than a 1 day working mechanism,it will cost a little bit more,but worth it,you might want to scan over this link..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I also have a cuckoo clock like that - - - that my grandma brought back from Germany ( Bavaria ) when she went there for a visit in 1937. She also brought back a floor clock made by Junghans that is over 6 ft tall. I have it in my house .

    I have a nice vintage Ingram mantal clock, late 1800's I had new bearings put in it I do try to take it apart once in while to clean and oil it.

      Sunrise Alarm Clock

    I have a clock that litteral looks like it’s melting off the shelf. Cute but awfully hard to read....

    We have a clock that on the hour you hear a train coming and it blows it's horn! Everyhour. Even in the dark of night!


    terryfossil 1

    I turn my cuckoo and music off at night Clue..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I got a loud, real train whistle right down the street. Wish I could turn it off at night.

    ....we have all kinds of clocks : cuckoo (3 cone), grandfather and grandmother clocks, several wall and mantel clocks

    ....did not realize we had that many clocks until I walked around and spotted 15 or 16 and most of them work ,if we would wind them


    Your house is too big!

    ....Ben has no Big Ben clock, lol

    I'm sure you have room somewhere Herr There, maybe in the East wing?

    I have a cuckoo clock from my grandma and a floor clock that's over 6 ft tall from her that she brought back from a visit home to Germany in 1937 . They both come from the black forests of Germany

    My mom had a clock in their cottage that was numbered  backward and it ran backwards. She asked my cousin's little boy, " Do you know what's wrong with that clock '' ?   He took one look at it and soberly,succinctly  said, " Runs backwards "

    I truly love clocks.  I have about 15 hanging around my house.  They are works of art to me, even though most of mine are rather plain. I have a clock that goes off like a train, and a clock that lights up blue neon, like in a club.  I got that for my better half.


    I love clocks too, Tabby . I just bought a clock at my church rummage sale that has a different bird for every hour and strikes that bird's song on the hour.

    mycatsmom, I bet that's a fun clock!!!

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