Who waited for you to come home from school? Was it a rooster?

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    No, it was my Mother Duck of course!

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    That is such a sweet story.  I wouldn't mind having a rooster for a pet.  Well, a hen would be better, not so noisy and we could have fresh eggs too.  Throw in a miniature pig and a cow in there too.


    So you're moving to a farm? :)

    I've already had 2 hens for wives, and being the rooster and given their behavior, I was "HEN"-pecked"! I'll take a rooster over another hen, any day!
    country bumpkin

    Ha, I've always wanted to live on a farm or a ranch. We will have to stick them out on the Veranda. LOL

    The two of

    "The two of us?" I don't have a rooster.....yet!
    country bumpkin

    I think you try too hard sometimes, Clonge. :))

    ....animals have personality, loyalty and love

    My dog, she was half Collie and half Terrier. Faithfull friend , and very protective.  I had her from when I was 7 years old until I was 19. 

    That would depend on what year. The oldest, nine years on me was bossy and as often as she was there. The next two oldest buddied up. Jenny was mean and power happy. John just wanted his projects and tv. I had five years on the youngest. He would torment the maid. After she was let go, so were we, armed with my mom’s work number and threats.....

    my mom.

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