Sad news from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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    A van drove down a sidewalk in Toronto, mowing down pedestrians for almost a mile. To this point, ten people have died and there are fifteen injured. The driver is in custody. :(((

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    I got chills listening to the young man inside his van/truck describing the horrors he had just witnessed.


    I'm so sorry this happened to all these innocent people whose lives were taken from them by another deranged, sadistic SOB.



    I read another link about, Alek Minassian here>>




    Another disturbed individual was on the loose. But, we think we are being kind by not putting these people in an institution and giving them the help that they so desperately need.

    ....prayers for all the families 

    Sorry to hear and see,,i do not know if he has a mental problem or a living problem..i think he wanted to die and make a statement..and in so doing,he helped nobody..Full marks to the Canadian Police,what a difference a country makes,if he was in America he would be dead.. >>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    So sad that you are right.....

    Jack the Ripper was mentally ill. Col Custer was mentally ill. Ted Bundy was mentally ill. Charles Manson was mentally ill. Charles Whitman was mentally ill. With the exception of Manson maybe, nobody knew. The victims were in the wrong place at the wrong time. With the exception of Custer because desertion was the only option, nothing could be done to prevent all the deaths. Fate? Bad luck? Poor karma? We cannot protect ourselves from certain given atrocities. Luck of the draw. But locking up the mentally ill? Whose to judge who  is ill? Who deserve to be put away?  Who can’t be helped wit proper medication? Yes, the streets are filled with needy individuals. All too normal to be put away. Which ones aren’t? Nobody comes with the mark of Cain already. Not the Jacks, the Custers, the Bundys, the Whitman’s, not even the Mansons. Live to be the best you can be but know that lightening isn’t picky......

    im very sorry for what happened in Toronto. It was bad, sad, tragic, and a total surprise. I missed the part that says the perpetrator was ill, deranged. Maybe he should have been kept off the streets or maybe there are hundreds just like him that don’t desire to kill. Pick ‘em out.....

    terryfossil 1

    One of your best answers JH..TU..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    As soon as society stops believing that being mentally ill is somehow shameful, we will be able to "get real" about helping those who are obviously mentally ill. In some cases, it is no mystery but we continue to pretend, to be politically correct and not offend anyone. Put them away, help them and then, and only then, put them back out into society. I have suffered from the mental illness of depression. Had there been a place for me to go, live, get counselling and help, I might not have been depressed for so long. I see nothing wrong with that kind of help. Only the "stigma" of mental illness is wrong!

    Mental Illness. How can you prevent people with mental illness from acting out on their delusions? Vehicles, guns , knives ? He was mentally disturbed long ago. His choice of killing was a vehicle. Not a rifle or gun. How do you protect society from mental illness. Taking their guns, vehicles is not the answer. These actions will continue to increase as these people feel emboldened to act out against authority . Best thing to do now is learn to defend yourself , and just be aware of your surroundings. 


    I believe that the mentally ill should be in an institution, not only for the protection of society but for their own protection. We used to do that. Now, we think we are "being compassionate" by letting them roam free. (Gun control is a whole other issue on its own.) How do you "defend yourself" from a vehicle careening down a sidewalk....intentionally? A gun in my pocket won't help!

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