Randy has a little/big problem. What do we do?

    Randy is our newest cat and very, very furry. Her tummy is like pure cotton and she is developing knots under her arms and in her groin area. Massive knots, firm and to the skin. Can be very painful. We’ve tried shaving them off and finally used scissors avoiding her pink skin. We are going to shave her stomach and brushing her everyday but what do we do now? Apply hair conditioner or olive oil? She’s so sweet and good, letting us spend thirty minutes cut, cut, cutting.....   Help!

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    3 Answers

    I wouldn't have a clue but I would call a vet and ask.

    ....the knots are a serious concern

    ....please, contact the vet asap

    I would trim the hair as you say, then I would take her to the vet. I don't think I would put anything on the areas, the vet would subscribe something.

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