If you had to pick a second religion other than the one you are in right now, which one would you choose?

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    I was influenced by so many veiws, have been impacted to certain points. Now days I believe in what I believe. Nuff said. Question me if you like but expect nothing too personal. Mark 5:something says don’t preach in the streets like a hypocrite. Better to do your worshipping in the closet. In other words, keep it to yourself. The only thing worse than the evangelicalpost is the people who buy their crap. Pride is a sin. One of the seven deadly if I’m not mistaken.....


    Jesus said wherever two or more of ye are praying or worshiping, I shall be there among you

    Matthew 6:5 may be the verse you referenced. Jesus was possibly telling us that one doesn't pray ostentatiously, trying to get attention from others. Prayer is communication with God, and doesn't need an audience.

    I could not choose another religion,,i am not a great believer in religion,,but i am in the holy if there was a religion out there that believed 100% in the king James Bible,then i would look at it..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    Never gonna find that one mate!
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    Correct my friend,,that is why i believe in the bible and not religion..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Terry, the jews use the old testament of the bible
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    Exactly MCM..they are still waiting for Jesus to arrive..they are his chosen people,so i guess he may cut them a bit of slack..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    If I had to , I would pick Judaism , b/c they are the   closest thing to Christianity; and Jesus was Jewish.God picked the jews, b/c they were one of the few religions back then that believed in only one god.

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    I think they are further from the bible than most christian beliefs,,without the New Testament we would still be rolling in ashes and killing animals to get forgiveness from God..we live in the New Testament time without which there is no forgiveness from God..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    You're right, Terry, but she said if we couldn't be the religion we are now, what would be your 2nd pick .
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    Okay MCM i get your point,i could not have a 2nd choice that does not have the outcome of the belief i already have..there is no second best that offers eternal life..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Islam. I like being able to say to your wife 3 times, "I divorce thee!"


    Or sit down and let her wait on you, cover her in cloth, and tell her to be quite. Sounds like a good religion.

    and Clonge, you would like to be married to 3 wives at one time.

    3 at one time? I'd give it a shot if divorcing was that easy! marriage, I feel joined to my religion till death do us part

    It's an interesting question. Many years ago, I studied "world religions". They had good points, but I couldn't sincerely embrace another faith for myself. 

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