Is there anyone you envy? Who, and why?

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    No, No and No


    Can you ask Roy if anyone envies him, because he's married to you?
    country bumpkin

    His name is Frank. LOL

    I envy anyone who fought the system and won. I tried and though I did everything by the book, hired an attorney, and with no family support went through over a year in counseling with an EXPERT (and the counselor supported me totally and testified on my behalf). and I could go on and on, probably need to in fact but it all boils down to one fact: I lost. My world came crashing down. I fought the system but it was 12 against me and my freshly graduated lawyer.  I suffered a huge loss. ANYBODY who has fought the big guy and won has my envy, jealousy, and admiration.....


    I’ll tell you if only what you’ve done is bring up the subject but guess what!?!?!? My son called me the other day. After 15 years....

    Pat Benetar! I wanna be a rock star!  lol

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    No i do not think i envy anyone for what they have or who they are,,when you look at someone who has or has not,you have no idea what it took or cost to get where they are,and the cost could be more than you may be willing to pay..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    I love that answer!!!

    When you see the absolute gorgeous woman, the one inspiring you to druel and you stand no chance of even shaking her hand just remember; there is some guy in her picture that’s sick of her sh*t.....

    I envy a lot of people who have children and grandchildren living nearby. I don't have any family . I know some people that have 4 grown kids and don't see them often b/c they all live out of state.

    rather than envy, I tend to appreciate others and what they have.  if I want something I tend to work to get it.

    ....John the Baptist

    ....his courage, experience and faith

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