Be very careful when it comes to eating hot peppers! Not a question, just sound advice.

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    Someone must answer the, "Not A Question" post or it will stay on the unanswered page forever and eternity.


    The hottest peppers I can recall that I've ever eaten are Habanero (maybe Scotch Bonnets). I have used them for years and the most recent was in my homemade salsa a couple of weeks ago. 

    I enjoy all spicy foods....I enjoy the sweat on my brows and sucking in air to cool my tongue.

    My ex-husband (father to my son) continues to this day to inform his friends that it ain't hot unless I say it's hot.

    I have watched several videos within the past few years of people filming themselves during the time they were eating a whole Carolina Reaper and I have witnessed their pain and agony.   

    A Habanero/Scotch Bonnet may look similar to a Carolina Reaper, but the CR is way higher up the ladder on the Scoville Scale.

    A lover of spicy foods such as myself would still be extremely cautious. Without a doubt, I would take a nibble. Would I eat the whole thing at once?   Noooooowaaaaaay!


    That pic was me after eating fresh Halopeno (sp) peppers for the first time.
    terryfossil 1

    Okay,what IS she doing CB.???????>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..
    country bumpkin

    She ate something very hot, Terry and now she's regretting it. I did find this gif in the spicy foods/hot peppers section.
    terryfossil 1

    If i was her CB i would be looking for some WATER..

    I used to be a pepper belly but age has interceded my love of hot, hoter and hottest. I did possess a few habaneros and that day at work I showed them around exclaiming their heat. Seventeen times hotter then a jalapeño. The skeptic in the crowd pooh poohed the thought and though he’s never tried a jalapeño, he took a bite of what I brought. Funniest thing I’ve ever seen then and now. He tore for the men’s room and was later found w his mouth in the sink and under running water. He came out flapping his tongu up and down while stuttering,”Nope! Not hot at all, Julie. I’m fine, yes sir, just fine “ flap flap flap.....


    ....LOL, manly

    I can't eat really hot food items and I don't see the point of doing so. It burns your mouth, makes your eyes water, hurts your throat and you can't even taste the food because you're trying so hard to "get rid of it".     :(

    .... I don't have the tolerance 

    Someone gave my late husband halopena (sp) peppers at work.He didn't tell me they were hot as h- - - -.  So Joe brought them home and I attempted to eat them on my day off when he was at work. They burned my mouth sssooo bad and for so long, I almost called 911.

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