What is the longest period of time that you went through without food? What were the circumstances?

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    This would have been in the ninth grade when I was crushing on the boys.  I wanted to look my best friend who had blonde hair, milky white complexion, blue eyes, and a very curvaceous figure because she attracted the boys like bees are attracted to honey.


    Several years later, I realized the reason all the boys were flocking to her was because she liked to "Put Out" and it didn't matter who are where.   


    LOL.... Five us girls were in a Bronco and we went to the base to pick up a couple of fly guys to party with us.   It wasn't long after we left the base that we could all hear heavy breathing coming from the very back of the Bronco.   


    I see I've gotten a bit off topic.   I tried to starve myself. I remember walking through the halls between classes and having to lean against the walls because I was so weak and felt as if I were about to pass out. 

     I don't think I went more than 24 hours without food but when I did eat it was only a carrot or a cucumber or something with very few calories.


    I'm disappointed that you "can't get back on topic"! LOL!
    country bumpkin

    I got back on topic at the end. LOL

    Quite the topic! LOL!

    Almost 2 weeks. I was in the hospital and could have no food or water. I was getting iv nutrients. But after I could have food again it took a week to figure out what I was eating.


    The Lemonade Fast (lemon juic, water, pure maple syrup-unrefined, cayenne pepper)  supplemented with an Epsom salt cleanse. I survived three days, not getting real hungry and boy! was I clean. Wish I could have survived the week to ten sprays I was supposed to. It was touted as a cure all like for MS or spinal malformation......

    I do not know,however in my drinking days i did get hungry,but no money,so i raided somebody's house fridge,grabbed some steaks and headed under a bridge,lit a fire and stabbed a green stick through it,probably only half cooked,but i had most of my own teeth back then,so i gnawned my way through it...>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..Image result for steak and a stick over fire photos

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