When was the last time you ate something for the first time? What was it? Did you like it? What took you so long?

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    I tried Pork Faggots and I didn't like them because they were bland. 


    I had frozen faggots so this may be why they didn't have much of a flavour.


    Below is a video of them being made from scratch.  The video is a little long, but if you have the time then watch the first five minutes of the video to see what the ingredients are for this dish.    

    The name for this dish is also explained within the first few minutes of the video.


    country bumpkin

    Roy likes them so I'm sending them with him to work tomorrow night. I just finished making mashed potatoes to go with them.

    years ago,Yoghurt,oooohhh yeahhhhh,i once had the original yoghurt and hated it,years later i tried strawberry yoghurt,,and was hooked for life..>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..Image result for yogurt photos


    That's because it's different now, Terry......more sugary and more user friendly.

    Clonge, It's funny you asked that, b/c just yesterday , my man friend, Don , kept bugging me to try a cray fish at a Chinese Buffet( in the South, they're called Crawdads )  We've talked about it before.They're so gross. Some people fill up their plate with them and eat em.....even kids. He opened it and made me try it. It was terrible !!  .....made me shudder.

    country bumpkin

    I have been to a bunch of Crawfish boils and I miss sucking the head of a good ole juicy mudbug.

    Crawfish pies are delectable too. :))
    terryfossil 1

    Ever since "the beverly hillbillies',i had heard of Crawdads and crayfish,,so i looked it up and find they are what we call and learn.. here is a bit of info on the big lobby..
    country bumpkin

    They are goooood eatin' no matter what they are called. LOL
    terryfossil 1

    Sorry CB, i just added to the photo of the lobby..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    about 5 years ago I had a Christmas party.  A girl brought a salad.  It was made with kale, cranberries, peanut oil and a few other things.  It was the best thing I ever tasted. I called her and asked what was in it.  She said kale and so on.  I had never heard of kale at that point.  Now I have it often. Raw, cooked etc.

    As I recently mentioned, it was this past New Years' Eve when I ate kangaroo for the first time. I loved it! I had never been offered this dish before and I've already gone to the same restaurant again and ordered the same dish. So good!

    Image result for pic of dish of kangaroo

    terryfossil 1

    A lot of Aussies will not eat Roo meat,,because it is our national animal..

    Just like some Canadians will not eat deer meat (venison). Too cute and thinking "Bambi". :)
    terryfossil 1

    Yeah,lets see how cute Bambi and Skippy look after they have been lost in the bush for a coupla weeks..Bambi and Skippy start looking like steaks..:):):):)..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Stilton Cheese. At a party served with crackers and the cutest little cheese kni one could ever see. No one else was eating it but i made my dent. Loved it! The moldy cheese flavor pared with the Gouda type surroundin flavored center. I raved! I thanked the host. I ate my fill and there was still some left. The host and hostess insisted I take the remainder home with me and I gladly accepted. What to do with it? Grill it on bread? Buy some crackers? Called my girlfriend and went on and on about it and she said it was one of the better cheeses made from sheep’s milk and I didn’t listen to the rest. I was busy tossing it out and gargling my mouth out. Never again.....


    I'm confused. You loved it but threw it out? Why?

    There are somethings that I refuse to consume on purpose. Stuff like brains blood sausage, goat cheese and any kind of milk other than cow’s milk.....

    What about consuming a cow, a chicken, a pig? No steaks, roasts, hamburgers, chicken legs, bacon, or pork chops for you? lol

    I’ll consume meat as long as I don’t handle it all in the raw state. Not much anyhow. When you eat out, it generally comes cooked. I’ll cook anything, fish (yuck), liver, rare burgers, whatever is wanted but I don’t have to eat it. You’d think I’d be skinny by now....

    P.S. Fish..yum..........Liver..yuck. :)

    ....scrambled eggs with jalapeños 

    ....guess I am getting a little feisty in my old age

    We just made pickled watermelon rind...,,. Not really my favorite but we have several pints to eat. 


    Can't even imagine what that might taste like. :)

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