Where do you get most of your health information, (doctor, internet, TV)?

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    Any testing (x-rays, blood work, etc.) required, is done at a clinic through a Nurse Practitioner but my Naturopathic Doctor has the final advice. (It will most likely involve "work and patience" on my part i.e. diet/exercise and not a quick fix prescription.)

    My family has had several doctors in it so I think I got my medical knowledge by osmosis. And I lack 3 months having my nursing degree. I retain well. Plus my mom was pretty knowledgeable being the daughter of a doctor during the depression.  She shared and made sense. Plus the internet, of course....


    Why didn't you finish nursing school ? You came so close.

    Blame it on being bipolar and not knowing it.....

    I do not like internet diagnoses,but i will use it to check what my doctor says..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I will look symptoms  up on the internet, then go to my doctor for the diagnosis. It doesn't cost anything to see the doctor here.

    ....the doctors 


    the internet......b/c you can't just get up and automatically go to the Dr. And they're not going to give you a diagnosis over the phone.My mom's uncle was a Dr. in the woods of Wisconsin in the later 1800s. They loved him b/c he would  get on his horse and ride off into the woods to see his patients where nary a doctor would go.He delivered his own sister's baby for her.

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