Do you know what a red nova is?

    It is the result of two binary stars , or two suns , colliding together. If you are around in about five years you will see a new light in the sky. About as bright as the north star. About 1,800 light years away , two suns will collide in about 5 years . It may appear red . No harm to us. For millions of years these two stars have been getting closer together, and we are alive at this particular moment in time to witness the event. Pretty interesting if you are as time warped as i am. 

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    I certainly do now Zorro,and i find it very interesting,this will be a chance for science to see a before and after event,will not happen too often..have a look at this link..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..


    Did look at that , thanks. Dont see much about it , yet. My guess is within next couple years , it will be widely known.;m=831963620&amp;s=612x612&amp;w=0&amp;h=j4mMfNfuPngxw4roGlUsa1RnOI-w3ps_BrOxFpbRIT8=

    God willing and the Creek don't rise.....I'll be alive to witness this 

    spectacular occurrence.

    Only five more years until we get to see it? Now, THAT gives me something to live for!        :)

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