Trump sending National Guard to Mexican border. Thoughts?

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    I reckon it is a great idea,the wall thing is already making a difference,,and it is better than sending them overseas to fight,at least they are doing something on their own land..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    President Trump is the only one who's ever had the brains to send the National Guard down there to stop the free flow  of illegal aliens ( they're not " immigrants " ) coming in the taking our jobs and using our welfare system. Mexico has a wall to keep the Ecuadorians out. If you enter another country illegally , they throw you in jail, or worse.


    These other presidents also sent troops to the Mexican border Obama, George W& George HW Bush, W Wilson, W Taft!

    Yeah, Obama sent a thousand to trump’s measly hundreds. Illegals cannot get welfare. If you disagree, please provide a link to the contrary. Just what is your definition of immigrant? I’d like to know. Jobs? No American is willing to work the fields. Not enough money and is super hard work. Illegals are willing to work them, right now we have produce rotting in the fields w/o anybody laboring to bring it in. Go ahead a pay good money the next time you’re hankering for a tomato, and the prices are just going to rise more. Maybe you should become a carnivore. Wall, small, it won’t work. The drugs are coming by other means as are people. Billions on a stupid wall while the social security we Americans own and worked for, are owed goes away. I worked for mine, I’m sure you did too. But keep your stupid wall, forgo entitlement, too bad you can no longer get food stamps or even meals on wheels thanks to the cheeto in
    the WH. Pardon my soapbox, I can’t complain to anyone else unless I overhear anyone wanting that waste of money better used on hungry vets....

    I would love to see tomato prices rise more, i'm getting ready to build a below ground greenhouse and raise them. I just dont understand why they dont work getting legalized. Some do , but majority wont. They are the ones saying they belong here now and want free everything. With them here comes the problem of healthcare. Under the current system , of budgets, alot of health care, hospitals, are barely making it. Around Texas there are alot of mexicans out in the cotton fields, working the cotton gins, probably not legal. You can rent one for about 8 dollars an hour i hear , through a so called ( broker ) . Whether its legal or not. Probably not.

    Z- it is a fallacy that “ they” get free anything. No Medicare, food stamps, housing. They can’t. Oh, anyone can go to any hospital and get care no money down but it has to be an emergency. They makes their money and send it home, eating nothing to substane them but beans and tortillas. If you could go to Mexico and make more money to send home, wouldn’t you? W/o giving up citizenship? Come on!

    I disagree, sending the national guard to the wall is not only ludicrous it is dangerous, the national guard primary purpose is to guard the U.S. from invasion not to act as police. Trump is slowly becoming a Dictator.

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    Oh, I want to see the comment....

    Whew, I made a speech but forgot to answer. National Guard. I’ve known a few. They’re into camping every few months and practicing marching. God love them but I’d rather have my home guarded by boyscouts. They are less likely to accidentally shoot someone unnecessarily. And that’s what gonna happen. Can’t hardly wait for the headlines. And the stupid idea of wall stopping them is mute. Maybe the very poorest, the uneducated, the careless... There is still the sea, the tunnels, airports, canada. The rich will still come and the smart and desperate. And the illegals are the hardest working and cannot receive benefits, much to other‘s disgust....

    All for it. Think of the money that will pour into Texas. Nothing wrong with keeping out illegal immigrants. What does Australia do with illegal immigrants attempting to enter their country ? 

    terryfossil 1

    Very different problem in Aussie Zorro,,we are an island so a lot of our illegal entry's come by boat,,but there are others..our liberal government stopped the boats,but the labour government will open our borders..and the greens will give our country to anybody..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Z, I like you in spite of our political differences but please read my comment to MCM.....

    I am all for legal immigration. right now if they take down that wall, a reporter said that within 3 months we would have 60 million people come across the border into the united states.  we can't afford that. right now 160 million apply to get a chance to be in the lottery pick.  the united states only picks 50 thousand to come over here.  we, or somebody, like world leaders, need to teach people how to get along with each other and some kind of way get rid of all the murders and corruption in their country. we are trying to be civilized. everybody else must learn that also. an immigrant got in front of my car and would not let me get in.  a man came along and pushed him and he fell on the ground. i'm all for immigration, but done in the correct way and manner.


    But now that makes you a racist , like the rest of us.

    zorro it does not make you a racist if you don't want to get over flooded with people who did not obey the law to come into a country. that is why people are running from their natural country, because nobody is paying attention to the laws that are in place in their country. this is a big long debate and I could talk about it all day. it's fascinating.

    Thank you very much.

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