Why use kids for political battles, The Student Walk out Marches today for Gun Control in U.S. Do you think it is productive or counter-productive to the process?

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    First, people have the right to bare guns.  And you can't take away firearms from the good people, because the bad one's are keeping theirs.  The whole position of the kids, is to try to get the politicians to hear people and try to implement the wishes of most people.  Democrats and Republican politicians act like it's their birthday and they do what they want, not what the people want.  We hear every day about stalemates and that the elected officials can not work together.  Well as the kids say, they are acting like  kids, and the kids are acting like adults. It's disgraceful!!!  We need to make some rules that if you can't solve these critical problems . . . no paycheck for you and you cannot run for office again.  Maybe people will hear the kids, but I doubt it.


    The problem is not with the laws. It is with those who don't enforce them and those who break them.

    I could not agree more.

    ....there are so many agendas involved worked for those students with a minor agenda to get out of school for awhile 

    They are making a point and can’t help but be heard.  Marching opens up a line of communication (better then the latest shoot em up movie). I don’t care that it’s just an excuse to get out of school. There is always a fly in the ointment. What people who are looking down on these protesters don’t realize is that in no time at all, it will all be forgotten. It’s not going to follow anybody around for life. Once you are out of high school, you are forgotten. You’re a blank slate again. So protest if you feel it’s for worthiness, go forth and be heard! Personally, I think it’s all for a good cause. Maybe it’ll change some things for the better but in one or two or three more years, it’ll all be forgotten. That’s how high school works....


    I agree with the message, just disturbed how the politicians are using the students. I want the laws to change, no automatic weapons, bump stocks, more scrutiny with mental health, and convict sales, etc. I do however support right to own. I actually do not own weapons, but if I wanted to take up hunting, I would like that right.

    Butieone, you must have a bad memory, in the late 60's and 70's students were protesting all over the UNITED STATES AGAINST the Vietnam War, the general public criticized them, eventually when the unions and corporations back them the fed govt finally did something, the same can be done with gun control.

    It is deplorable to use the victims of a tragedy to facilitate a perverse political agenda. They are fragile, lashing out in unfocused anger, and easily manipulated by deceit.


    and it may have adverse effects on their ability to decide issues objectively, I think. Regards Bob

    I agree. They are unreasonable and naive, misguided by sinister sources of funding.
    Hope you've been well, bustieone.

    G'day Busty,as most have said ,probably be forgotten in a day or two..the main problem is those words"right to carry a gun",,nobody has the right to drive a car without license or training,,same should be for a gun..and i did own a gun before i handed it in..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<..


    There IS a written exam.

    Terry, yes there is a hunter/safety course, a waiting period, and background checks (as they are) in the law. Problem is at best, these are what the law requires, many buy off the streets, etc. Also, the vendors sometimes skirt the laws. And they are overdue for an overhaul. So they are weak at present, and yet I still feel as it is a law, in our Constitution, a right. Change that, maybe due for a change? We can always take down a deer with a slingshot, I guess!

    Terry, are they expecting any cyclones in Queensland? We had a relative speak of it recently.
    terryfossil 1

    @ Busty,yeah mate,cyclone ( LINDY ) was a fair way off the coast of Queensland,it was only a cat 1,so not much in it,,it did whip up a few fair sized waves for the surf boarders,,and a few beaches were closed to swimmers,,the lifeguards took down the flags..but still there were still some idiots out there..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Terry, Glad to hear that there is no drama, we are thinking of coming to visit maybe in August. No plans made yet. Have a Castlemans 4X and think of me wanting one! Bus.
    terryfossil 1

    Okay mate,however it has been over 30 years since i have had a beer.i put a lot of it away before then,Where about in Queensland might you be heading for Busty..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..
    terryfossil 1

    @ Bob,i think the difference is attitude of people in USA and people in Australia.As you just said,"how does on protect his home and family",??,,we do not ask that question,we call the cops.but the stories we hear in Aussie about USA cops.that is not the best thing to do in USA..maybe this attitude we have now would not have worked back in our bushranger days,as in your wild west days..but we tamed our wild west,maybe you guys have not..??????

    Taming the wild west isn't the issue, Terry, but time will tell.

    Terry, since my wife was born in Townsville, that is the focus of the trip, if we get to go this year? She has cousins from Rockhampton, to Yerpoon, to Townsville. Her dad was a WWII serviceman there, met her mom, rest is history. Hope we get to go this year, if not, then next.
    terryfossil 1

    All the best Busty..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Bustie, It's my understanding that the kids themselves planned and want these walk-outs and in the 60s. More power to 'em.

    I think the protesting students are doing what is right, the politicians and the NRA have to face reality, if they keep it up is great, these students are the voters of tomorrow, the U. S. A. and the world will be a better place when absolute gun control is introduced, and the crazy amendment of every American has the right to carry a gun is abolished, of course with their idiology this will never happen, i feel for the family and friends of students massed murdered every month.


    You mean to tell me not one person in Australia has a gun? No one is ever shot? No one is ever robbed or hijacked at gunpoint?

    Surprised at that what with your name??

    His name comes from his favorite candy. lol

    Oh, good, we do not have a candy like that, is it good?

    We don't either but he says so. We'll have to trust him. :)

    Are you's two talking of my favorite sweet, Chocolate Coated licorice, called Bullets in Australia, we are still waiting for a chocolate coated gun to use them in, these guns would be harmless, the NRA would hate them.

    M s.Bob, of course we have armed hold ups, the difference is the use of military weapons used in the US ,but no mass murders since gun control was introduced for the last 25+ years, even i had two rifles when i was younger when i older realized there was no fun in killing defenseless rabbits and foxes or any animal, the govt. has now have my guns and good riddance.

    Good memory, right bulletman? :)

    Bulletman, the government has your guns. There are holdup, probably an occasional carjacking or home invasion, too.
    How does one protect his home and family?
    I never shoot defenseless animals, but I do like to fish.
    What's the difference?
    MY gun is for protection and target shooting.
    terryfossil 1

    Busty they are good,wife and me had some today..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    It's logical to me. Not to trivialize that adults have been killed during these incidents, but most of the victims have been kids. They are the "leaders of tomorrow". Up until these massacres started to happen, it was widely thought that if anywhere a kid was going to be safe, it was in school. Not anymore. Unfortunately, I'm sure that there will be more. There are plenty of "sick kids" out there, kids that have been bullied, feel unwanted, laughed at, demoralized, have family problems ( not that any of these justifies violence to a normal person), will finally get the attention they crave, albeit in a negative way ( "their 15 minutes of fame"; a lifetime, and "then some" of infamy is "more like it") and have easy access to guns.

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