How to free up stuck floats on motorcycle carbs without removing them?

    I am working on a 1982 Yamaha Maxim 550 which had not run in 14 yrs.  Got it running and cleaned up, while waiting to sell it in the spring, the float has stuck, and must resolve it prior to flipping this bike.  I know that is the prob. as it leaks fuel from the overflow if any is put into tank, did not before this temporary storage. 

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    country bumpkin

    It's been a long time. It's nice to see former active members pop back in once and awhile.

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    I reckon you probably already tried this,i never worked on bikes,but a carby is a carby,,in my younger days i had an old FJ holden,when the float got stuck,we would tap it with a shifter spanner,,worked most times,maybe work with a bike,,best of luck Busty..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    Thanks Terry, that will not work, as they are in a row (4) and one cannot really access them like in your Holden. Thanks anyway, Bus

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