What do you do...

    ...with the text messages from unknown sources that say you've got money on your account, and give a link to collect, or a reply back to stop solicitations?

    Ive been searching for their origins, notifying Life Lock, and blocking them. Today, I reported one to Sprint, the carrier for the scammer.

    Having gone through ID theft is stressful, at best. How do you protect yourself?

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    ....if you did not initiate, don't open and delete


    Absolutely not!

    I open NOTHING I have no knowledge of contacting, my server flags up threats, my phone is the same, if it/I don't recognise it, there is no response, then DELETE, I'm a lot more aware of all this than I was in 2011(FIRST CONTACT).

    terryfossil 1

    Are you telling me you are getting wiser with age Roy?????..:):):)

    If i get mail from someone i know nothing about,as Benny said.don't open and and again my security will lock away mail it thinks is suspicious.then gives me the choice what to do with it..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Bob, First, you are such a tease, with that one eye looking at me...  But seriously, I have had problems with this, nothing like a big fraud, but have learned to not respond, just delete.  Sometimes I feel like responding to chew them out, but then they gotcha.. 


    My wife begins the phone answer of an unknown telemarketer by answering in Spanish, they usually hang up on her...  I just ask, lets not waste eithers time, I do not want or need anything, take me off your list so you do not waste our time.  Or, I was about to call you as we speak, do you want to buy life insurance?, at which they hang up...


    country bumpkin

    @ Bustione
    You answered this question twice. I've combined both of your answers into one.

    Bump, chalk it up to being older than dirt... Thanks, Bus
    country bumpkin

    No problem. It's been a long time since you've been actively participating in the forum. I know you're a bit rusty. :))

    Rusty, that's a good nickname for me...
    country bumpkin

    Big smile :)))))))

    I agree with everyone else. I open nothing from anyone I don't know . But I do like anwering the phone to someone trying to sell me something, I enjoy winding them up.


    my BFF and my sig other do that too get them going on a trip around the mulberry tree.

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