Are you happy about this year's day light savings time starting?

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    Not something we think about in Queensland,we do not have it,we had a referendum about 5 years ago,and we voted no to DTS,,but some of the other states have it.if other states want it,fine,but just leave Queensland alone..>>>>>>>><>>>>>>>..

    Its called British Summertime over here, I don't mind the change, it gives us an extra hour of day light. I think the correct time here is called Greenwich Mean Time, that's our winter time.



    terryfossil 1

    The extra sun will fade your curtains Dave..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Yes Terry , but it makes my bold head a better colour.

    I am living in the UK so daylight savings is still a couple weeks away. 


    My mother lives in the USA (she was diagnosed with Dementia three years ago).


    I received an e-mail from my mother yesterday. She is very concerned with the time change. She does not know when to eat her dinner/supper or what time to go to bed because of the time change.


    I gave her the best advice I know to give. I suggested to her to eat when she feels hungry and go to bed when she feels tired.......instead of going by the clock time.


    I think the switch over does more harm than good and it should not see the light of day.

    ....after seventy years with forty-five years of marriage, I just adjust 

    We've just switched to DST again. I wish they would just leave it alone now. No point, in my opinion, to going back and forth.

    I am delighted DST has begun. "Longer" days give people that extra daylight time for outdoor activities. It's a sad day when DST ends each autumn. There seems no good reason to impose darkness an hour earlier. 



    I like it! It concerns me when children are in the dark waiting for school bus . I am close to time zone difference about 10 miles so!  It just sometimes confusing! Cell phones some time can't figure the time zone change



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