In your city, do you see many homeless people, or just a few, or none?

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    I live in a tiny place so I don't see them I am aware of them. Many of people are 1 paycheck away from being homeless.



    now you said a mouthful about that one paycheck.

    Yes we have homeless people here in Adelaide, i feel sorry for them every time i see them, depending on circumstances they could be any one of us.


    Right. I've talked to engineers that lost their jobs and are homeless. It made me cry.

    ....a few

    The number is growing. Some are cordial, some seem threatening, and some industrious in their recycling efforts. 


    I see that too.

    I see them picking up bottles / cans- - - turning them in .....then getting a can of soup from same store for their one meal a day .

    Recently i found another "homeless" one in our town. The city helped the man out and got him a place to live. That turned out to be a mistake. I learned don't feel sorry for him at all. There have been a few , but they all moved around. They all ended up being criminals. 


    zorro, that's a sad story. what did those homeless criminals do? break in houses.
    terryfossil 1

    Do you know anybody who is not a criminal seem to think anybody who is down on their luck,is trash or a criminal..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    It's possible they are.
    Shopping carts are about $400 each, so think about it. Lots of carts missing around here.

    Well found out three were unregistered sex offenders, one with outstanding warrant for arrest. Yes i would say they were down on their luck. Guess now they have a bed with meals provided by the state of texas. Working in the prison system for several years , i lost my compassion for human life for people that wont conform to societies needs , beliefs , and expectations. Homeless people do have some good qualities. One is the amount of trash they pick up. I would much rather give money to charities that support helping the homeless. Some do make a good living on street corners , hundreds of dollars a day.

    There are many in and near this town......both black and white. There is an encampment of them behind the bowling alley west of town but still inside the city limits. There is open space there, then some wooded area that leads down to the Rouge River.

    In my city never. But in the capital I see somethimes. It is sad. Homlesses are the negative phenomenon of our modern age. This is presage... Number of homlesses is more and more in the world.  I do not know what coming after fifty years. No enough water, no enough food, no job for the people. Horrific future.

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    Interesting answer Mate..welcome to the site..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<...

    There are more now than ever before. Some are genuine and some are not, I feel sorry for the genuine homeless, and I often give them a couple of pound, even though I don't have much to spare myself. There are a few around here who are not actually  homeless, and some I often wonder about, especially when they have a healthy looking dog sitting beside them.


    It seems contradictory to take the responsibility of a pet under homeless circumstances. Yesterday, there was a man with "his" shopping cart filled past overflowing, sitting on the curb in the middle of the block. The cart was blocking foot traffic. That kind of thoughtlessness, and the theft of a $400+ cart doesn't stir me to give cash. However, I don't give cash since the day the person took my money and walked over to the edge of the building to exchange it for something in a plastic bag. Food I can do, but not if you've stolen a shopping cart.

    Oh, sure. EVERYBODY wants to be in Austin. We have the ARC, a kind of club wher the homeless can goes when it’s below freezing or to get counseling and help. There’s a waiting lis. They have showers, washer and dryers, some games, tv and a meeting place for smoking, talking to cops, and of course, drugs are rampant. K2 that’s making the news so much more often or not causes ambulances to come on doen. Then there is Caratos that serves a hot meal everyday for lunch for anybody. I’ve seen suits in there eating. Oh, in my neck of the woods there is a lot of undeveloped woods so to speak. Lots of homel camp in them ..... oh I could tell you stories....


    seems pretty good.

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