Do you agree with West Virginia teachers striking for pay raise

    Ok , well then how much do they really work ? How long of summer break do they get? Average salary is 45,200 in 2016. They probably get what , 8 weeks off , maybe more. That is about 1,027 dollars, a week. I dont know all the points about it, but that's a dang good salary for the amount of work they really do. They don't work all year long. 

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    Good teachers deserve more, they work a darn site more hours than their salary pays, however, GOOD teachers are a rarity unfortunately.

    terryfossil 1

    The word Good is the key word Roy..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I think good teachers deserve good pay! I don't think they punch a time clock and they work many hours a day and probably weekends too.  No way would I want that job!

    $45000 USA is $58000 AU,,our teachers base pay is $70000 AU which is $54000 USA..i think maybe the cost of living is better in your country..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..Check out this cost of living comparison Zorro, i was not surprised..;country2=United+States

    ....yes, if the state has a history of not paying a competitive salary

    ....students need to be in school, too bad politics/economics interfered 

    Who ever heard of teachers not working during the summer months. They have to have income. And consider how much they put into the classrooms (chalk, paper, magic markers, the occasional lunch, quite a large chunk of change) that they are not reimbursed for. They can’t teach their lessons without the extras and most teachers I find are in the profession because they want to teach. They love it but not enough to go hungry over it......


    Good point. Many teachers work an additional 6 weeks in summer school to pad their earnings. Wages are paid on a 12- month basis, though, so there is a paycheck every month. I know of many teachers taking sick days when they aren't sick. One took a full year for an arm injury. She could travel to Europe comfortably, but not step into her classroom.

    State employees are paid far less , have to work all year long. I do feel a little sorry for teachers. Now some teachers i see have to pay the school system 75.00 dollars if they take off work. Thats to pay for a substitute teacher to cover for their absense. Thats just sorry policy. Teachers would really cry if they were told to work all year long like normal people have to. Oh but they would want another 8-12,000 dollars for working those extra months.

    Zorro, we had teachers threatening to strike recently. They wanted a 7% raise, 95% of their health insurance paid by employer, smaller class size...the moon on a silver platter. District was offering to pay subs $500/day if the strike happened. Outrageous.

    Teachers do not have much of a budget for supplies. There are a lot of out-of pocket expenses. They work many hours beyond the 8-3 student day, including nights and weekends. Many schools expect teachers to lead an extracurricular activity in addition to their assigned class.

    Their benefits are usually way above "average", and the vacation time is a plus. Going on strike is a disservice to their students. Contracts can be retroactive. Wages in W. Va.are about $45,300. California's average is $75,000+. Now, the cost of living becomes a factor.

    I don't believe in tenure, just because of the few REALLY bad teachers you couldn't get rid of. Merit! 

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