What’s your favorite charity?

    Who do I give my mother’s clothes to? Goodwill just throws everything into a washer, no checking tags, ruining much as they hurry along. Besides, 90% of what they make goes into their pockets, Red Cross is bad and ignores many that seak their aid (so goes the hurricane Harvey stories), Salvation Army does help people but I don’t know how to contact them. There are a few honest charities (Veterans). I think I’ll choose my moms church thrift shop.....  who or what do you contribute to?

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    I give items to a company named Savers.  I like them because they say that what they do not sell goes over seas for other people to use. I like to give to the homeless too, directly because I think it gives them some hope in themselves and in others.  Many of them are veterans. Plus, they'll probably be the one's trying to save us if something really bad broke out in this country.  Like they did by fighting the wars.  I think they still show faith and courage.  I know a few.  Some are waiting for homes, even though a limb might be missing, and they are a little depressed.  I love the vets. Another charity I like is one my mom started 35 years.  It's for girls planning to go to college.  She gives 10 girls every year one thousand dollars from her fund.  Based on the letters they write her from their schools.  Wow, that 10 girls, times 35 years.  Now that's a great and generous woman.



    Hey! I know Savers! Just don’t have one in the neighborhood any more. Spent a lot of time there when I was homeless. Thanks, I’d of kinda forgotten about them....

    Meals on Wheels, Local food bank , Hospice Foundation of America, Hole in the Wall Gang Fund,         National Black Child Development Institute- It has a very low operating cost 2.88%,                           STARRY - 1.3%  , 

    There are the ones i'm giving 5 dollars a month this year. No real favorite. Mostly picked because of low operating costs. 


    Thats a key issue, Zorro. Consumer Reports recently published a list of charities to consider, AND reconsider.

    I'm all for pet charities.  PAWS, RSPCA, Humane Society etc.


    I would wonder how old this clothing is? Is it current? If not, many, if not all, will simply throw the items in the garbage, believing that even the most destitute of people do not want to wear clothing that is decades old.

    Unlike some others, I do not believe that every charity is totally corrupt but if you believe that, give it to local churches. Check with them first though as to whether they actually want it. I was involved in that aspect of a church many years ago, and we received tons of unneeded/unwanted "junk". We were then left to dispose of same. We used to pray that people would call before making their drop off and base their "gift" on practical use rather than sentiment.


    Rest assured that albeit old, everything is of high quality and timeless. There is sweaters and jackets, well cut blouses, swim suits and nightwear. $$$$$truly.

    I give my nicer clothes to The Cancer Store, which you may not have, but they take good care of the donated items. Donating non-cash items is more difficult, because not every worthwhile charity has a store.

    You might also consider a women's shelter. 

    This has nothing to do with clothes but I give to "Guiding Eyes for the Blind" and St. Judes Childrens Hospital, also my states Humane society as it is "no kill"


    Decent choices.....

    St Jude's is tops on my list.

    My church has a rummage sale every Spring and fall. It's coming up this  April on the 25th---thru the 27th .

    Salvation Army, and pets charities.


    I'm sure Dennis and William are pleased too.

    Haven't seen much of Dennis on here lately, hope he is well.

    Miss him too, he's a survivor, sure he's ok. charities 


    You’re nuts! Oh, I guess for your soul but what about us heathens who get no gold stars in our crowns for giving to a specific club that isn’t a part of their lives? I’m being dramatic. Good that you can give to those (albeit catholic) less fortunate. God bless you, Ben..."

    ....if you are sharing or helping others, you will get your gold star no matter the club used

    Very hard to say JH,i find most charitys are corrupt,or at best slide a bit of cream off the top..i remember sleeping in the parks a very long time ago,nobody gave me a coat or shirt or anything..not true,the coffee lady was very nice..i am sure you could find someone who would like some cream getting taken off the top then..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    I’ve slept on a few private lawns myself. Never asked for help except the one time I was 40cents short for a pack of smokes. Bathed in somebody’s hose, burned a lot of candles for warmth, used charities for my medical needs. I survived and look at me now! I’m chatting with strangers and giving away clothes.......

    jhharlan, how great is your story!!!

    Catholic charity.

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