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    I think I could fix this problem that causes someone, somewhere almost every day, to be "simply appalled". 

    1) No t-shirts with any kind of writing on them except for the manufacturer's logo. If this rule is too difficult to follow, stay home! Homework and assignments must still be turned in as scheduled and on time or your mark will be zero!

    2) No parents shall make an issue out of this rule under any circumstances!

    3) This is a school rule, not a national debate! Thank you.


    LOL!! Perfect idea!

    ....check  state law, school policies and precedent 



    ....let freedom ring

    It matters not to me if he wears a Malcolm X T -shirt or a Che Guvera T-shirt

    So much for freedom of speech in America, - Remember guns kill not t shirts.

    terryfossil 1

    TU Kent..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Let's talk about the teens who were sent home on May 5th for wearing tee shirts that featured the American flag...


    Just the American flag or something along with it?

    Just the flag, Sanger High School, in Sanger, California

    My first thought was that it’s his name! Football players wear jerseys with their name on them. Second was what an opportune time to teach an otherwise ignored subject at school. Third, the kids parents set this up. Uppty people of color! I must say! Who are they to project a little history on a school and it’s students? There’s a great deal to be learned. Kudos to the brave mom and dad......

    If the rule says students can wear a sweater with their name or initials on it.then so be it,then head for the courts..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    Google "Malcolm X" and learn a little about why wearing a shirt with this name on it might be met with some hysteria.

    There are more ridiculous issues tied up in court these days than ever before in history. Can no one in the world sit down and have a rational discussion FIRST? Apparently not. Get the cops....head to court. Or maybe beat somebody up. What a society.
    terryfossil 1

    @ Bob,i know about it Bob,however we are talking about Malcolm Coombs....>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    The shirt did not have the kid's surname, Terry.
    terryfossil 1

    No Bob,it used his middle initial i guess.( Xavier)..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Are you just being naive, Terry?
    terryfossil 1

    Not any more Bob,i done some more reading up on the guy.he had a right to the chip on his shoulder,how he reacted to the problems of the black man in those days was harsh,but understandable..but to drop all that on the shoulders of a young 17 year old kid called Xavier is also a bit harsh..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Did you miss the part where he preached "black supremacy" and advocated for separation of blacks and whites, rejecting the civil rights movement?
    Do you honestly not understand how "Malcolm X" on clothing could be construed as racist and antagonistic?
    terryfossil 1

    Key word there is ( could be ) is an odd thing Bob.the history of Australian Aborigines is also not very well taught in Aussie schools..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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