What was the last thing that you replaced in your home? How old was it and how much did the new one cost?

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    I replaced our old Directv dish with a Roku streaming devise and an outside antenna for all our tv needs. Former cost was $99 per month, now $35 per month and we have much more content.

    I replaced a $200 computer chair with a leather computer swivel chair 10 years old in perfect condition it was worth $500 10 years ago,and it was a give away on Gumtree..i have never had such a great deal..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I replace a lamp shade.  A neighbor had thrown away a silver floor.  I got it, and replaced the shade with a new shade from ROSS.

    We have a spanking brand new refrigerator. 

     We do not know how old the refrigerator was that we had before because it was purchased used.

    The new fridge price was approx 350 pounds/almost 500 dollars.$Web$&amp;$DefaultPDP570$

    ........and of course, it had to be red to match the toaster and the microwave and most of our dishes. LOL

    Next on the agenda is a red stove. :))


    now that is beauty!!!
    country bumpkin

    Thanks, Tabber. We certainly are enjoying it.

    The greatest thing about a new fridge is actually cleaning out the old one. It’s amazing what one can find in the way back corners.,...

    I clean out my fridge on every garbage night- - - which is once a week.

    I don’t. To big and who knows? Maybe something is fermenting in there.....

    Nothing in my place needs to be replaced due to its age except me! I'd like to have the 35 year old version of myself returned....please!

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    It'll COST you! Probably more than the 35 year old version. The price has appreciated with age. You are now more worldly, and impart your intelligence here.

    Uh fine wine.

    ....heat/ac system for one side of the house (22 years) $6500

    ....the other side seems to be in good shape; it is not used as much

    Last October, i got a rectangular table and 4 chairs for $50, at a yard sale. It is more functional than the round table that was in my kitchen. The round table and its chairs are in the "overflow" room. 

    New oriental rugs for the living room, den, and dinning room. Lighter and brighter colours that go along with the newly painted trim. Rugs were fairly cheap from Ocean State Job Lot. Gave the old ones to a friend who needed rugs for her home.

    A wheel chair. With brakes. The old one had lost the left handle and the chair would roll in circles. Found a place, Wheel Chairs R Us or something like that, on line and bought a new one for $100......

    a SONY 55 INCH with sound bar, bought it on sale $850 AUS. Dollars - a bargain.


    Big laptop, is it smart?

    Smart enough to watch Game of Thrones, Roy. :)

    Watched a few episodes, couldn't get into it, I really enjoyed Vikings though, give it a try on your big thingy.

    Roy i do watch The Vikings, just as violent and gruesome as G.O.T.
    terryfossil 1

    I tried Vikings and G.O.T..gave em both the flick after 2 episodes..However i do like Van Helsing,i do not mind fake blood..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    Should've stuck with Vikings Terry, gets better and bloodier.
    terryfossil 1


    Give it another try mate, said English rugby guy to Scottish rugby guy....Lol..

    My hot water heater has been leaking for about a week, but fortunately , it's a slow leak. I did not know it was leaking till 2 nights ago, b/c you can hardly get back there in the furnace room to see it......the way the previous owner of the house dry walled off everything. Anyway, tomorrow, on 2-20-18,my friend, Ron is going to get me a new one and install it. He installed my old one 25 years ago when Joe and I moved into this house.

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