I’m having a tendon cut..... my hand today. It’s gonna hurt. Anybody gone through oe about the same thing? Tell me about it.....

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    Sounds painful!


    I've had surgery on both my feet.


    I hope you heal soon.

    ....good luck, Julie 

    I've never had that done! Ouch! What causes a person to need that surgery? Hope you heal quickly jh.

    Whoa, sounds serious. Get well quick!

    Could be worse I suppose, there are a lot more things around the body that can be cut, I hope all goes well.


    A REAL ouch you say? :)

    my late husb had a few tendons surgically cut in his hand. It wasn't too bad.

    Sounds like you are going to have a Carpet Tunnel procedure, i know of  two people who have it done, if it this is  correct it's the best thing to have this painful hand/s done, you will never suffer from excruciating painful hand's again --- Good Luck


    Except if you're like my hairdresser who had it done (twice on one hand) and her hand is now immobile and in a bent position. :((

    Actually, I had CTS surgery 25 years ago. Both hands, same time and an infant to care for. It hurt. This time it was to remedy a trigger finger. I was getting cortisone shots every two months and finally said to h**l, I mean h e double hockey sticks with that and opted for going under the knife. It hurts but not as bad as the CTS fixer upper......

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