If somebody gets you really mad, do you tell them, walk away, laugh about it, cry, call a friend or therapist, pray or go eat something?

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    I'll laugh about it then call my therapist, NOPE, I wouldn't do that, yes I would, no I wouldn't, but, don't give me buts, I'll give me buts if I want, but don't YOU give me buts, just cook me a meal and we'll talk, maybe!

    terryfossil 1

    I reckon you should have stopped at therapist Roy.:):):)..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<

    LOL Yeh Cesar Milan OH! LOLOL


    ....depends on my mood, maturity  and patience 

    ....truth and facts are good allies in confrontation 

    Yes...... I’ll blow smone in their face depending. I’ll start crying out of frustration. I’ll write it out, rewrite, and rewrite. Anger and I are not buddy buds. I’ll fume awhile and replay the scene with all the clever quips I wish I had said. I get over it, too......


    Gosh I love your honesty Jules... gee whiz! I do that same danged thing... rolling it over in my mind making up different scripts for what I woulda coulda shoulda dint say! LoL

    I go between "walk away" or "laugh about it". I like to consider how that person behaves with others and not only when they are with me. For example: Do they ever apologize when they are wrong? Do they treat servers with respect? Do they say please, thank you and excuse me? Do they allow another car into the line of traffic? Those are the kinds of people who can generally make me angry, because the answer to these questions is "no".

    I tend to become very quiet. Generally, I am more hurt or appalled than angry. I'll talk to a friend or one of the two Badvelis (pastor) at my church. More often than not, I don't bother with that person again. 

    Bop 'em one, you'll feel much better.      lmao


    Oh, if only.... lol

    I rarely rarely get mad but when I do I just hit 'flip' !  Which is likely why those who know me don't get me pee-oh'd !  I usually spew logic mixed with an awful lot of profanity and a bit of stomping around ... LOL

    terryfossil 1

    Yeah Lindi,i am in the stomping around group..>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    You swear lindi????????????????????????? (00)

    yeh .... and neanderthal noises too ... maybe Maori though ya never know eh? Arrr! Snarl! Tooth gnash ... or is that teeth? Hmm ... better put 'em in ... ;D

    Tell em to get stuffed,then walk away,,and in my younger days give em a busted mouth and then walk away..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I make sure they know, and then walk away. If it is something that really annoys me, I don't bother with them anymore.


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