Do you or any family members play the stock market?

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    Heavens no! I do not have enough money "to play". My banker looks after things for me and I am very conservative, cautious and careful. Here it is. LOL!!

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    My grandfather has experienced the ups and downs with investing in the stock market.

    .... yes, met with my senior investment counselor this morning for a report on interest income for 2017 and to plan for 2018

    ....enjoy making money while I sleep

    Nope, wanted to. Have a friend play enough to retire at 45. He decided to live off of his winnings and stop with the ulcers. He wouldn’t give me any secrets. My grandmother played and died well off. I want to buy stock in marijuana  early while it’s still cheap. I don’t think I’d be sorry....

    Certainly not,but i do check my super every day..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<..

    I do.

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