Neil Diamond has retired from performing!

    Diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, he plans to continue composing, though. 

    What's your favorite N. D. Song (and the grass won't pay no mind)

    Do/Did you know personally know someone with Parkinson's? For me, my mom's brother, who died from it; my dad's sister, 87, and controlling it with medication; a church friend, who has successfully completed one of two surgeries to control symptoms. 

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    Sweet Caroline.....bump, bump, bump!!!

    Parkinson's Disease? Yes. Very disabling and sad to see but medication is helping to stop the advancing symptoms.

    ....a great career 

    ....fortunately, no

    One friend of ours was diagnosed with it when they were in their late 40s, twenty years on they are still managing, although it's getting more difficult. My brother has been told he has it, although he's not  too bad as yet, just a bit wobbly, he's 82.



    That's about the age my aunt was when diagnosed.

    "The Story of My Life".  My uncle had it. The medication he took for it, apparently did more harm than good. Also, Linda Ronstadt has it. Adios, Linda and Neil. At least we have your recordings to cherish,


    My uncle had a new-at-the-time surgery that was devastating instead of helpful. That was over 40 years ago.
    My friend's first surgery, a couple months ago, was completely successful. My aunt's medication is working very well for her.
    It's a horrible disease, but not an automatic death sentence.
    Adios? Seriously??

    "Adios" meaning that they;re apparently finished performing. Hopefully, a cure will come quickly.

    OK. Thank you

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