At any point in your life did you ever work more than one job at a time?

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    ....during college continuing through the first three years of marriage

    As a 14 year old,i worked 1 job every day after school 5 days a week,and 3 jobs from saturday morning to about 8 oclock that night,and sometimes 3 hours on a Sunday morning..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..  

    Probably. I’ve had weird jobs most of my life and sometimes they overlapped. Does babysitting count as a job or helping a friend open a restaurant? Did I have to be paid for it to be considered a job? How about on the job training? Gosh, I don’t know that I can answer honestly.....


    jhharlan, you sound like me. I baby sat as teen, but they did pay me. I have helped people with their work for free. Taken so many job trainings, but many of them were job related. You have been a busy women, me too.

    Everyone needs a hobby.....

    Yes, three part-time jobs during a time when the bottom had fallen out of the job market. Did that for almost a year. Why? Survival. I was very appreciative when along came a full time job with good pay! So much easier than running from one job to the next.

    There was a bit of overlapping once or twice, but nothing steady. Just going from job A to job B

    Yes when I first 'got sober' I became a workaholic! I worked at a greenhouse in the morning , did an afternoon shift cooking at a cafe' and then played musical engagements in the evenings.... was nice to be so busy.... and rich! LoL NOT!


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