Have you ever fainted? Or almost?

    Me? Never but almost. I have low blood pressure. I have to salt my food. Tell us about you....

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    when I was 18, I had some blood drawn, and I felt like I was going to faint.  it could have been just seeing the blood.  no problem since then when having blood drawn, but I don't look either.

    Blacked out once, from too much caffeine, but never fainted.

    I fainted quite often when I was young, the sight of blood, or someone even talking about something squeamish would set me off. Fortunately I have learned to control it.

    ....almost due to heat anxiety 

    Almost. Probably due to heat, humidity and no breakfast.

    Yes,but only due to blood pressure..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Almost. I had blood drawn for a routine test. She put the needle in at about a 30 degree angle. I came back a few months later and in subsequent visits, I never saw her again. Hopefully, she was fired.

    When I was in line at a department store. It was very hot and the line was long. I almost passed out but didn't. My ears started ringing and I was very light headed. Found out weeks later that I was pregnant. Surprise!

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