Just how good a job did obama do..?????????

    Bit of an interesting read here..Will he be remembered for this?????>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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    .... I was not impressed ; he seemed to be mainly talk

    terryfossil 1

    Yeah Benny, i reckon he did a lot of that,,i think they labeled him a great orator,a great talker..????.>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    WHAT he said was a problem, too, for me.

    He did a great job of keeping the economy down, making more people rely on government, creating more opportunities for muslims in science. That last statement was his own words, not mine. What a true american idol. 

    terryfossil 1

    With all this stuff against the man Zorro..why do democrats still like him,,I mean in Aussie i vote liberal,,but if i do not like the guy who is running i will not vote for him..unlike others who say ,"i vote labour because my dad voted labour".go figure..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    so I c&p’d it. Too much to write. Argue though you may, you must admit it did whatever with grace, enunciation, charm, and manners. He did not make up words either. 



    terryfossil 1

    Did obama write this himself JH..??????>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    It depends who replies. For me, he set back race relations, undermined America as a world leader, disparaged our military and crippled their effectiveness, cost "regular" people far too much in mandated health insurance, created the immigration problem of "the dreamers", and allowed ISIS to grow unchecked. Behind the scenes, he tried to sabotage the Trump candidacy and election, and was disrespectful of the American flag, a symbol that represents every citizen who resides in the US by virtue of the 50 stars. 

    It will be a happy day when this traitorous  sham of a President is unmasked for the sleazebag he is, arrested, tried, convicted, and incarcerated for treason, collusion, subversion, and inciting riots. 


    terryfossil 1

    I get the feeling you do not like the guy Bob..????:):):):)..Although the reasons you give makes me wonder how he got in in the first place..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    He was elected b/c of good P.R. and lackluster competition.
    I don't like him, or his wife, for that matter.

    He was all talk, swagger, and no action. I don't think he did anything to help the USA or the world in general.

    I think he did better than I would have expected given the complete opposition of the righties. I would vote for him again in a heartbeat. I see through right wing trash talk and completely ignore it. This "thing" that is the current resident is a liar, crook, corrupt, sociopath. I will love it when herr gropenfuhrer is impeached for crimes against the country and I will relish the tears of the righty extremist when they come.


    OK, but do you have an opinion?


    His supporters do not see "liar, crook, corrupt, sociopath nor the groper/adulterer." Even the evangelical Christians think he's great and doing wonders for the "greatest country on earth". He said during his campaign that he could get away with anything. He can. Mindblowing!! Poor Melania.
    country bumpkin

    Thie question is about Obama.

    Oh pardon me. He has a very cool walk and a great sense of humor. :))

    There was no way to oppose Obama, because everything became a race issue.
    Conservatives had no voice.
    Obama made his own rules, many of which he had no authority to make. Now, the left thinks 3+ million illegals should be granted amnesty with no vetting.
    You and your "friends" can insult and disparage President Trump all you (pl) want, but the USA is going in a positive direction, in spite of the liberal media, Democrats, and folks who can't stand his success.
    terryfossil 1

    At the next election Bob,Trump should tell people what he has done ...NOT what he is gonna do.and be elected or not elected on that..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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