Have you ever done anything mean to a sleeping person?

    I’m talking tricks like putting makeup on their faces? Or drawing with a fely tip? Tickle the nose with a feather after putting tooth on their fingers? What have you done to a sleeping party?

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    There was a mean passed out drunk at a party, so i shaved his eyebrows. He was not a problem after that.

    I used to work on the bush surveyors when i was a young fella and because i was the young fella,i was the target for i tried to return the we all sat down at lunch in the cooks tent,i through a glass bottle into the middle of the lunch table with a snake in it without the lid on it,,everybody vacated the lunch table pretty quick..Sorry they were not asleep..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<.. Image result for green tree snake photos


    What kind of snake is this?
    terryfossil 1

    He is only a green tree snake YDD,he will give you a nip but he is not Poisonous..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Yes. A co-worker used to sleep at his desk at lunch rime. He was a very "sound sleeper". One day, we waited until the "lights went out", crawled over to him, like commandos, and we had cord. We tied him to his chair and put the cord around his arms and body. When he awoke, he couldn't move and saw what we did. He was a great sport, and we all had a big laugh over it.


    Childish...but funny!

    Mean, No!  Embarrassing, Yes! 

    Appropriate material for akaQA, Not Hardley!

    ....memories from college:

    ....yes, we put a rubber snake under a pillow 

    ....another, involved lots of ping pong balls

    ....dripping water in the dark

    When we were about 18 me and three mates went on holiday in a caravan.  It had one of those beds, which folded up into the wall in th living room. We had one mate who was a bit cocky, so one day we waited until he as laying on the bed, then folded it into the wall with him on it. After about half an hour spent in the bar, we thought we had better let him out, he went absolutely ballitic.  Aug 1967  They were the days.

    After a night of drinking, (legally), my friend was asleep in the back seat of the car. Just happened to have a shoeshine kit in the trunk. While he slept, I took black shoe polish and completely covered most of his nose. When he woke up, hours later, he couldn't understand why he was getting strange looks from everybody. The fun lasted for hours. What a hoot!

    No, the worst thing I did was turn down the bagpipe ringtone of a friend's phone, because someone kept calling her well after midnight. She had taken sleep medication and slept right through the bagpipes. 


    I didn't know that country bumpkin had such a ringtone!

    I've never met country bumpkin


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