Oh "Darn"... (Any good suggestions)

    ROMOS,  has steel-toed work boots which keep rubbing holes in the toe of his socks.

    ROMOS, placed a strip of plaster/band-aid across the inside top of his boot, but we have doubts this will last long.

    Have any of you (men in particularly) experienced this problem in the past and what was the solution?

    **Exchanging the boots for another pair or throwing them away are not options.**

    I found a pair of ballerina toe inserts on a popular website, but ROMOS is not much of a"twinkle-toes".

    This is a serious question and I am asking for serious answers.

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    Seeing as how the bandaid is working so far,but probably not for long,why not cut out a piece of leather to cover the metal and glue on with super glue,and a good brand of super could even cut out 2 pieces of leather and glue them together before glueing to toe of boot,that should last to the end of the boots life..this guy Hank has 5 tips worth reading,,up to you,let me know how the story pans out..  >>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    country bumpkin

    I like the idea of glueing the leather or something else equivalent on top of the inside of the boot. I will let you know what we decide to do.

    You want serious answers only for a question like this? You’re no fun but here is the answers I’ve been given: the boots aren’t well fitting, the toe shouldn’t touch/reach the tip, Alas, this leaves the sock itself. Don’t buy cheap socks. Quality shouldnt wear like you described. Me? I’d reinfo the toe before wearing. Weave in extra yarn to thicken the toe except given that the boots are I’ll-fitting, you don’t have room to play. Leather would work as it’s thin enough to fit the foot. Maybe. There is no law stating the toe must be covered by a sock. Cut the toe out and stitch to keep it from unraveling. I wish I had more imagination. Sorry....


    My boots are a good fit and comfortable, the Fabric inside the boot has worn through to the metal toecap, the bandaid has worked so far.

    I don't know what the problem could be. I have a pair of steel toed shoes that I wore for about 6 months and had no problem at all. Could you take them back and ask what is wrong with them. Maybe they have a defect?

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    **Exchanging the boots for another pair or throwing them away are not options.**

    These boots were issued to Roy by the company he was hired to work for less than six months past. The company is now debunked. New uniforms and new shoes have been issued, but Roy does not like the design of his new boots. He would like to continue wearing his old/but slightly worn boots.

    Hey, don't scold me. I never used the word exchange!
    "Could you take them back and ASK what is wrong with them". How am I supposed to know that the place is "debunked?" LOL!!
    country bumpkin

    LOLOLLOL....No scolding intended!
    (ps... **Exchanging the boots for another pair or throwing them away are not options.**, this was mentioned in my question above. :))))


    I know. I know. I know. I said go back and ASK....ASK....ASK. Again, no mention of the word exchange. Don't make me come over there. lol

    Perhaps a cobbler could come up with a professional solution that is reasonably priced. 

    country bumpkin


    An extra pair  of woolly socks might help. 

    I would give that a try.


    terryfossil 1

    Heard you the first time Dave..:):):):)>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Well I was thinking three extra pairs of woolly socks Terry.
    terryfossil 1

    country bumpkin

    We have a couple pairs of thick thermal socks. I'm sure the thermals would protect his regular socks from having the holes rubbed in them, but I have a feeling the boots will be too tight.

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