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    The woman has done self-harm in the past and is again, crying out for help and/or attention. She needs some in-depth, long term counselling. Charges by the police will not fix her sad mental state.

    ....opinion:public service and counseling instead of punishment

    She suffers at her own hand, which will continue without proper treatment. Court-ordered treatment vs jail time might be an option for her. But, don't be surprised if she opts for jail. 

    Lock her up! But with the understanding that she receives counseling, some serious counseling. Jail so she could do no further harm to herself. Jail because she can’t be helped on the outside with all the means of destroying herself is at her disposal. And after counseling, she should make restitution to everybody she has hurt or otherwise invaded their lives when the time could have been better spent helping the truly needy. Golly, I like attention but she’s over the top. It would embarrass me to no end were I in her shoes......

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