Has anyone tried playing around in the Crypto Currency markets? Things like Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin and 10s of other Altcoins?

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    ....caution, play with what you don't mind losing


    That is the way with any form of investment. Eh? ;-)

    I know a little bit about the Bitcoin. *Snicker*

    I have not played around with any of them.


    It is a very interesting. Especially if you are a bit of a computer nerd. :-)

    No but it sure is a debateable topic. There were a couple of 'experts' on TV just this morning. One thought it was a huge money maker. The other says it will be like the 'dot-com' boom and bust. I think I'll just play with my real money.   :)


    I don't think it is going to be like the dot com bust per se. There is a tangible value attached to most any coin out there. Much more with the few rather than the many so 99% of the coins will fail but the concept of the block chain is huge from a security and anti fraud viewpoint.

    I guess we speculate, talk about it, research it, listen to the so-called 'experts', get involved in it, stay away from it and most importantly......wait and see. :)

    My understanding is Bitcoin is gonna go bust,it is the longest serving one,but the ones coming up behind it are better with better security ,however they all work on the blockchain system,which for most of us is hard to understand..i think people are always gonna prefer cash while ever it is still around..maybe the next generation of people may take more of an interest in it..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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