Why is it a lot colder when it's 70 F in the house and it's 4 F outside than when it's 70 in the house and 40 or 50 F outside ?

    My hands and feet are freezing......and it's 70 degrees F  in the house. Even my computer mouse is cold and making my hand colder. When it's warmer outside, it's not so cold in here when it's 70 in here. Go figure.

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    ....reaction of the insulation tolerance to a colder temp ?

    when its whatever temperature outside, your floors react to it. Cold floors make a cold you. When it’s warm out, you tend to mess with the temperature control. That’s what I think anyhow......

    It could be because your windows are cold to the touch, which creates a chill, or that your mind registers cold because of the weather conditions you see. 

    70 degrees in a house is not comfy to me in the day time! So I would be very chilled in your house!


    70 --4 degree is 66 degree 70 - 40 degree is 30 degree See the difference??

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