My eldest son want me to celebrate Christmas without his brother and nephew

    He says his 6 kids don't get enough attention when his nephew is in the mix. I say his kids don't get enough attention, period.

    How would you handle this? I usually serve brunch and we open gifts, hang out for a couple hours. There are in-laws to see, and I go to a friend's about 4)

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    WANTS not want. :>0

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    They are adults and should settle this among themselves. When someone is having a get together in their own home, I'm pretty sure that they can invite whomever they wish. It takes a lot of nerve for him to even voice his disapproval unless, of course, he has the impression that you might "obey"?


    He certainly does have that impression. I'd say it was complicated, but it isnt. They recently went to Mr/Mrs Wonderful, and the "competition" was there. There were relatives of Mrs. W there, who know the nephew, and I'm sure he got star billing.
    What do you expect when you have an ensemble and let no one shine?

    Families are fun. So much frolicking at this time of year. :)

    Families need to stick together. The adults should be able to at least get together one day. The choice is years! I don;t like members of my family to dictate what happens in my house. Get along or stay home And I do hope you have a Merry Christmas



    I'd prefer all at the same time. They can't make it at 11, because it takes them forever to get 8 people ready.
    They are coming after church tomorrow, which will work well.

    ....opinion: family united


    Yes, me, too.

    Cut the Christmas Grinch out Bob,and go with who you want..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    Oh, no, I won't cut out my son, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren. That's not an option.

    You could have one faction over on Chris Eve and the other one over on Chris Day .


    That's how it will work this year, MCM, the big group coming over after church. It works, because we go to same church. I feel like I accommodated them without compromising myself.

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